Want To Provide Your Customers With Faster Access to Content?

Memset have made serious inroads into the managed-services market thanks to our all-inclusive model including Storage, Virtualisation, Server Infrastructure and Cloud Computing.

With Memstore, our cloud storage product, we provide a content delivery network at no extra charge other than for bandwidth . This is a highly-resilient cluster of multiple servers in geographically diverse locations, all with massive network connectivity.

The Memset CDN service includes;

  • Initial set-up and ongoing maintenance of geo-configuration settings
  • Delivery services and publishing services management
  • Static site caching

Memset’s CDN allows customers to replicate their infrastructure in the desired geographic locations by using a virtual machine with the required specifications - essentially, buying a "slice" of our pre-built infrastructure, providing a more cost-effective way to scale and reduce latency for geographically dispersed areas.

Case Study: Tastecard

Tastecard started life as Tastelondon, offering an exclusive dining card experience of 50% discount on hundreds of restaurants in and around London. Since that time the company has gone from strength to strength and is now the largest online dining club nationally, allowing its members large discounts in over 1,500 restaurants up and down the country.

Already deploying a combination of dedicated and virtual servers for their hosting environment, they decided to push cached content through our CDN solution to not only save the precious bandwidth and processing power of the web servers, but also to provide web visitors with better and faster access to content.

By spreading Tastecard’s cached content across our servers located and managed in the UK Tier-3 data centres in Reading, Berkshire and Dunsfold, Surrey our CDN service copies the files to other disks that are nearer to their customers; giving visitors a faster experience.

Price and value for money – When using Memstore, there is no additional charge, other than bandwidth to use our CDN. There are no hidden and confusing pricing variables that can add up and we don’t charge extra for support. 

Inbound (upload) data transfer is free. Outbound (download) transfer is charged at £0.10/GByte for all pay-as-you-go packages. Far cheaper than Amazon S3 and Rackspace’s CloudFiles.

Reliability and levels of service – We have built triple redundancy into our Memstore™ system which is designed to provide 99.999999% durability and 99.999999% availability of objects over a given year.

Security – Memset’s CDN also defends against DDoS attacks, as the network absorbs the load and prevents the servers from becoming overwhelmed by abnormally high traffic volume. This is particularly important for Tastecard as their servers store personal data and account information.

Availability of service – Static cached content can still be delivered if a server goes down giving Tastecard extra reassurance if they are hit by an outage.

Scalable storage - CDN file storage offers flexibility that can be scaled as needed. Memset’s CDN automatically scales up based on the size of the content packet to be distributed, resulting in increased operational agility for Tastecard.

Easy-to-use options – It is easy for Tastecard to store and manage files using our online control panel or via Memset’s API.


To find out more information about how Memset's CDN can work for you, please call our sales team on 0800 634 9270.

Posted June 2014 by Katie Olver , in Innovation

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