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Memset Cloud Hosting

Load Balancer

Providing a load balancing and auto failover solution in one for enhanced business continuity


Improve performance

Scalability and high availability for your internet-connected services


24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring 365 days of the year for peace of mind


Business Continuity

Intelligent traffic routing and failover for high availability

If you are wondering how to scale beyond your current single server that is running your website and database or how you can schedule maintenance on your live, production systems without downtime then a Memset Load Balancer is the product that you’re looking for. 

Memset’s Load Balancer is an easy to set-up and easy to use solution for high availability and high-performance websites and web applications. Memset provides access to state-of-the-art load balancers which will automatically monitor both the inbound web requests and the status of your web or application servers and intelligently route the requests to the server best able to respond.

We understand every project is different, if you have additional service or bandwidth requirements contact our technical experts.

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Get started with your Load Balancer

For more information on how to set up your Load Balancer please see our documentation pages.

Our flexible load balancing service can be tailored to suit your project. For additional service or bandwidth options please contact us for pricing.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    All you need is a Memset account and a couple of servers. A VLAN will be provided with the Load Balancer which will join your servers to the Load Balancer over a fast, unmetered, private link.

  • How Does The Load Balancer Route Traffic?

    Our Load Balancers provide various options for the way they will route traffic to your servers. Some of these include: Round-Robin, Weighted Least-Connection and  Source / Destination Hashing. These options give you the flexibility to choose the right routing method to suit your service requirements.

    The Load Balancer continuously monitors the servers that it is distributing traffic to. If any of these servers fail to respond to the monitoring requests in a timely manner the Load Balancer will intelligently route traffic to the remaining servers.


  • What Happens If Something Goes Wrong With The Load Balancer?

    No matter your support level Memset will take care of it. The Load Balancer is classed as Memset infrastructure and so any issues will be instantly flagged and an engineer alerted.

  • Can I Manage the Load Balancer With Memset’s API?

    Yes, you can! Memset’s API offers a RESTful interface (using JSON over HTTPS) and/or an XML-RPC interface that enables you to customise and automate load balancer management.

  • How Does The Load Balancer Handle SSL Requests?

    The Load Balancer does not terminate any inbound requests it merely routes them to the destination servers. This means that the traffic is not decrypted until it reaches your server and you do not need to put your private keys anywhere other than your server.

  • How Do I Manage The Load Balancer?

    After you have ordered the Load Balancer a new section will be added to your Memset account where you can configure and manage the Load Balancer. In addition, a VLAN section will also get added to your account which will allow you to add and remove servers.

What next?

You can set up a Load Balancer on your Memset server in a few clicks or you can arrange a free no obligation call with a Memset technical expert.



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