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Early this year (2018) we were invited by our friends over at Hosting Advice to be involved in their series of Featured Experts from 2017. We were honoured to be asked and enjoyed taking part.

In fact, it got us reminiscing about our highlights of 2017 from Memset and around the Cloud Hosting world. So here are our some of our favourite moments from 2017:


The hot topic on everyone’s lips, whether you understand it or not, was how this will impact on you and your business. Our security and compliance team were busy all through 2017 preparing and will continue to support customers before and after 25th May 2018 when it comes into force.

Learn more about our work on GDPR

OpenStack Passport

The OpenStack Foundation launched the OpenStack Public Cloud Passport providing Open Source infrastructure as part of the world’s broadest public cloud footprint. We were proud to be one of the founding members when the programme launched in Sydney in November. It is an initiative that fits perfectly with our goal of commitment to service and transparency.

Find out more about our OpenStack Passport

Disaster Recovery

Sadly, 2017 saw a range of natural disasters around the globe highlighting the importance of disaster recovery for businesses of any size. It is often a concept that is overlooked in business, but most businesses simply can’t afford to. In September 2017 we launched our Cross-Site Cluster providing cost-effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for any business owner’s peace of mind.

Learn more about our Cross Site Cluster

Block Storage

By 2020 it is predicted that there will be 20 billion devices connected to the internet (thank you IoT) with 163 zettabytes of data being created – it’s no wonder everyone needs more storage. So, in September 2017 we launched a helpful addition to our Cloud VPS, Block Storage, allowing customers to increase the size of their storage by up to 5TB without increasing RAM or CPU.

Learn more about Block Storage

Cloud IaaS Grew

Gartner projected that Infrastructure-as-a-Service would grow by 36.6% globally in 2017, with worldwide public cloud services growing by 18.5%. Even more excitingly they predict that by 2021 IaaS will overtake Software-as-a-Service to be the second largest cloud industry.

Here at Memset, we think this growth is due to organisations realising the benefits of partnering with companies like us over running their own data centres.

Supporting The Local Community

As a family founded and owned company we like to give back to the local community, this year we continued to support our local Guildford Lions by sponsoring the Fireworks Fiesta in November.

We also provided support to Surrey Search and Rescue, providing space for their training at our offices in Guildford throughout the year. Some of the Memset team even gave up their time to get involved in exercises portraying various injuries.

Happy 15th Birthday

In August, the Memset family celebrated turning 15 – it might not seem a high number for some but in the tech industry we’re almost collecting our pension.

Internal Changes

Since Annalisa O’Rourke joined Memset in 2016 she has had an exciting and positive impact. She has ensured Memset has maintained and achieved new accreditations, managed an internal restructure and has quite the coffee selection on her desk, so everyone celebrated when she was named as Memset’s Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director.

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