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SSL Certificates

A basic requirement for every website

An SSL certificate is what is required to allow you to use a secure HTTPS address in browsers when someone visits your website. An HTTPS address only used to be necessary when confidential information was being transferred such as passwords or credit card data. These days, the major browser and search engine providers are pushing an HTTPS-enabled website as a requirement for everyone by down-ranking insecure websites in their listings and marking them as dangerous in browsers.

Certificate Type

What type of certificate do you need? Standard or Wildcard.


Enter the hostname that you wish to secure.


Now select how long you want the certificate for.

Purchasing for two years will earn you a discount.

Years Cost Discount  
1 $132.00 $0.00
2 $192.00 $72.00

Standard or Wildcard

Memset offers two types of SSL certificate. They are both equally secure but work in slightly different ways.

A standard SSL certificate will only work for a single address. This means that if you order a standard certificate for e.g., it will only work for that exact address.

A wildcard SSL certificate will work for any subdomain of a domain name. If you order the certificate for e.g. *, it will work for,, and so on.

This means that if you only want to secure a single address then you should get a standard SSL certificate but if you want to secure more than one address for that domain then a wildcard SSL certificate is a better fit.

  • How do I install the SSL certificate?

    Memset has you covered! The installation of the SSL certificate is included in the registration fee.

  • How do I know when it expires?

    We will keep track of the expiry date of your SSL certificate and email you in time to ensure it is renewed without any problems.

  • Is it secure?

    Memset's SSL certificates are provided by an industry leading SSL provider who takes lengthy precautions to ensure their certificates are secure and trustworthy.

  • Why should I pay when I can get one free?

    When you pay for an SSL certificate you not only get the green padlock in your browser but your clients can also be sure you are who you say you are. Free certificates offer no such assurances of identity.

    Find out more about a free vs paid SSL certificate here .

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