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Gen Z will look elsewhere if tech companies don't get their act together

2 Sep 2019

A new study has shown that Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2010 and now the biggest generation worldwide) in particular has some very different perspectives on what a good employer looks like. Memset says that while the topic of millennials has dominated conversations regarding workplace trends for some time, employers need to turn their attentions to this new, younger generation.


Critical lessons businesses can learn from Huawei

17 Jun 2019

While a lot of talk has been about increasing barriers for IT hardware supply chains, data is just as important and could easily turn into a geopolitical bargaining chip.

SecurityBrief Europe

Businesses must consider data sovereignty risks says Memset

14 Jun 2019
Chris Burden, Chief Commercial Officer at Memset, explains that in the wake of nation states acting in self-interest businesses should be focused on data sovereignty when implementing a cloud strategy.
Technology Business Today

Voices Of Advice On Career And Skills Needed To Succeed In The Next Digital Wave Of Technology

22 May 2019

Our Head of Security, Thomas Owen joins executives from several data centre, cloud and data companies to share their advice for those operating in this market on career and skills needed to succeed in the next digital wave of technology.

Data Economy

Is a Lack of Diversity Fuelling Our IT Skills Deficiency?

20 May 2019

New research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) shows that the skills challenge is going to increase over the next three years for tech businesses. Annalisa O'Rourke, COO at Memset comments on the findings.  

Business News Wales

A lack of diversity in tech is fuelling the IT skills shortage

30 Apr 2019

The lack of diversity in tech nothing new. But, as the technology industry and IT department face a skills crisis, bridging the gap has become a business critical issue

Information Age

ISPA Reveal Finalists for their 2019 UK ISP Internet Industry Awards

25 Apr 2019

The UK Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) has today named a shortlist of finalists for this year’s 21st annual industry awards, which has seen Memset shortlisted for two different categories Best Hosted Provider and Best Cyber Security. 

ISP Review

Call for greater transparency in the cloud market

24 Apr 2019

A lack of transparency from cloud suppliers on their security practices and vendor lock-in resulting from restrictive contracts is leading many organisations to jeopardise the security of their data, according to managed cloud services provider Memset. 

Comms Dealer

Rollout of Active Cyber Defence to the private sector can protect UK's vulnerable underbelly

11 Apr 2019

The Cybersecurity Research Group and Policy Institute at King’s College London published an excellent report earlier this year, recommending the roll out the NCSC’s Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme to the private sector. The ACD was originally launched at the end of 2016 to protect public sector organisations from low sophistication level ‘commodity’ cyber-attacks, including phishing.

SC Magazine

Cloud Jeopardy

9 Apr 2019

A lack of transparency from cloud suppliers on their security practices and vendor lock-in resulting from restrictive contracts is leading many organisations to jeopardise the security of their data, according to a managed cloud services provide. 

Professional Security

Tipping the balance

2 Apr 2019

The bombast of hyperscalers should merely serve to strengthen smaller ICT service providers, according to Memset CEO Nick Craig-Wood.

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Fake browser updates push malware

4 Mar 2019

Security website Sucuri has warned of a malware campaign using fake browser updates to infect machines. The attack takes advantage of known vulnerabilities in the end users browser and/or OS. It is currently targeting Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge running on Windows and Android. It is likely to look at other browsers as the malware evolves.

Published by Enterprise Times

How Fake Browser Updates Are Being Used To Push Ransomware And Bank Malware

4 Mar 2019

What can users do to prevent themselves from becoming a victim? 

“Many of these exploits require vulnerabilities in the browser or Operating System, ensuring the user’s browser and OS are up to date (and have automatic patches) and running a reputable antivirus product will protect you from the majority of these issues. 

Published by Information Security Buzz

Fake browser updates infect systems with bank malware

1 Mar 2019

Researchers have discovered a malicious campaign injecting scripts that push fake browser updates onto site visitors.

According to a blog post by researchers at Sucuri, there have been several recent waves of this malicious campaign identified with hackers injecting links to an external script or inject the whole script code into the hacked web pages.

Published by SC Magazine

Mumsnet denies 'thousands' affected by software glitch-induced data breach

8 Feb 2019

Parenting advice website Mumsnet has hit back at reports claiming “thousands” of its users may have had their accounts compromised by a data breach that blighted the site earlier this week.

Published by Computer Weekly

Memset appoints chief commercial officer for cloud

7 Feb 2019

Managed services provider Memset has appointed Chris Burden as chief commercial officer, topping off a series of management changes at the Surrey, UK firm over the past 12 months, as it pivots its cloud strategy to meet the changing needs of customers.

Published by IT Euopra

Incoming Memset CCO outlines strategic plans

7 Feb 2019

Managed services provider Memset has appointed Chris Burden (pictured) as Chief Commercial Officer. He was previously Memset's Sales and Marketing Director and before that MD of Civica’s cloud and managed services division. 

Published by Comms Dealer

Memset continues shake-up of top team appointing Burden as new CCO

5 Feb 2019

Managed services provider, Memset has appointed Chris Burden as chief commercial officer (CCO). The appointment follows a series of changes at the top table of the company over the previous 12 months as it pivots its cloud strategy to meet the needs of the maturing demands from cloud customers.

Published by Vanilla Plus

Work in the cloud with Memset

19 Sep 2018

Nowadays, everything is in the cloud. Some companies saw that tech trend long ago. Hosting service provider Memset provides Cloud VPS and dedicated server solutions in secure environments.

Published by Reward Expert

15 Years of Delivering High-Quality, Scalable Hosting Solutions With a Family Feel to UK Enterprises

19 Sep 2018
In 2002, siblings Kate and Nick Craig-Wood noticed a gap in the pricing and quality of the services of the day’s major hosting providers. They knew there was a better way to help businesses build online presence, so they rolled up their sleeves and started Memset.
Published by Hosting Advice

How Memset keeps financial institutions safe

25 Jun 2018
With customer data at stake, choosing a web host with a reputation for security is important for any financial institution. Memset is a UK-based host that offers best-in-class security for its customers.
Published by Card Rates

2018 Featured Expert Memset: Retooling to Deliver Secure and Well-Supported Hosting Experiences for More Engaged Customers

7 Feb 2018

TL; DR: With 98% of customers willing to recommend the company’s hosting services to others, Memset perhaps didn’t need to restructure its support and account management teams. The company did, anyway, and our 2018 Featured Expert for customer service continues to look for new ways to streamline and improve user experiences. Co-Founder Nick Craig-Wood joined Head of Security Tom Owen to discuss how the UK-based host adapted to 2017 challenges and forecast what’s in store for 2018.

Published by Hosting Advice

Growing Businesses Benefit from Memset’s Competitively Priced, Secure IaaS and Cloud VPS Hosting Services

12 Dec 2017

In a Nutshell: Small to midsize business owners looking to take their companies to the next level have plenty to think about at every stage of evolution, but, as many know, establishing a robust web presence is a key step to achieving growth. However, the pricing and maintenance associated with dedicated, on-site web hosting can be restrictive for small businesses on a budget. Many entrepreneurs have discovered the advantages of choosing cloud hosting services, and UK-based Memset is one such company that’s helping businesses grow and keep costs low.

Published by Bad Credit

How Memset’s Consultative Approach and Secure Cloud-Based Hosting Services Meet the Needs of Growing

25 Aug 2017

Next to launching a small business, the most significant challenges an entrepreneur often faces is expansion. Whether it is upgrading systems to support higher traffic or gaining insights into performance, small businesses need scalable and personalized hosting solutions that keep step with company growth.

Published by Deal Crunch