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Nicolle posted in: Memset News Business

If you are looking for cPanel VPS hosting, Memset, the UK’s leading provider of hosting services is offering a fantastic promotion this August. As well as offering a free cPanel license with all VPS packages with 2GB RAM or more this month, we now use the latest version of CentOS, CentOS7, as our underlying operating system for use with cPanel.

CentOS is an open source platform – an enterprise level solution with no commercial licensing.

CentOS is short for “Community Enterprise Operating System." It's derived from the source code of a Linux distribution created for commercial applications called Red Hat Linux.

Our Linux-based VPS hosting packages are extremely popular. With free cPanel on CentOS7 this month, if you need to set up your website, create accounts, add content or install applications then you can use a browser-based control panel like WHM or cPanel to do so.  Both WHM and cPanel are optimized for Linux, which makes them the perfect match for Memset’s VPS hosting packages. 

WHM hosting allows you to create and manage hosting accounts for your customers or departments. You can then use cPanel (managed via WHM) to give your customers and other employees a control panel they can use to set up and maintain their own sites and internal extranets for example.

cPanel and WHM also enable you to:

  • Easily set up and manage user accounts
  • Install and update PHP, Apache and MySQL packages with the click of a button
  • Create e-mail accounts
  • Manage files for a particular domain
  • Manage SSL certificates
  • and so much more - all in your browser!

Utilising a fully-featured Linux operating system, cPanel/WHM can be used to set up blogging, e-commerce and multimedia content solutions (including podcasting) for your site.

It also supports all of the most popular coding and scripting languages, and their frameworks, such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python and Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

Whether you want to write a small custom script for your WordPress installation or build multilevel database management applications, CentOS has you covered together with reliable and resilient hosting from Memset who has delivered 100% uptime for the past 12 months according to independent testing by Netcraft

To take advantage of this excellent promotion click here where the free cPanel license will be added to your shopping basket.