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Nicolle posted in: Memset News

In recent years the hosting industry has changed significantly, we’ve noticed that what we once called Miniserver VM is now known as Cloud VPS. Therefore we are changing some of our service titles to fall inline with industry standards.

What is changing?

  • Miniserver VM is now Cloud VPS
  • Memstore is now Cloud Storage (powered by Memstore)
  • OpenStack is now Cloud IaaS (powered by OpenStack)

What is NOT changing?

  • Everything else

You will still receive the same reliable service as before and at the same transparent price. We are proud to provide cloud services that are secure, resilient and available.

You will notice the title changes rolling out across our services in the next few weeks. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to call your Account Manager.

A closer look at the service titles that are changing.

Cloud VPS

Suited to customers who want fixed monthly costs, our Cloud VPSsinclude free support time, vulnerability scanning, self-managed firewall and our configurable monitoring service.

Our Xen based platform offers a wide range of compute resource sizes, available with Windows or a choice of Linux distributions. Additionally, all current Cloud VPSs take advantage of solid state hard drives to deliver maximum read/write speeds to demanding applications.

Dedicated Servers

We offer a range of highly reliable Dell PowerEdge servers to suit every application. All are provisioned with RAID disk arrays for resilience and are able to provide up to 54 TB of storage capacity. Fixed monthly costs and flexible renewal periods provide a range of billing options and discounts.

As with our Cloud VPS packages, all new Dedicated Servers come with free support time, vulnerability scanning, self-managed firewall and our advanced monitoring service. Additionally, Dell’s DRAC cards are available for a secondary means of access and 1 Gbps burstable bandwidth.

Cloud IaaS (powered by OpenStack)

OpenStack is a free and Open Source software platform made up of diverse modular based components for processing, storage, compute and network resources.

Its appeal is in its completely open architecture, which includes totally open reusable APIs that allow support for agile development and a high degree of automation within custom applications.

By deploying on Open Source software and commodity Dell hardware, you avoid the high costs associated with VMWare and accompanying EMC hardware.

Available either as a private or public cloud, Cloud IaaS includes components allowing for complete self-management, creation of vLANs, hourly resource billing, and due to its centralised disk storage the ability to create, upgrade and tear down instances almost immediately.

Cloud Storage (powered by Memstore)

Our object-based storage provides users access from any device with a web browser at any time, allowing transparent sharing of files by users. All upload bandwidth to the service from the Internet is free. A PAYG pricing model is available for longer-term archiving of files or data, meaning you pay for what you use.

Held within the shores of the UK for data sovereignty purposes and utilising industry standard APIs, our Cloud Storage is suited for various customer requirements including low cost archiving and automated backups of files.