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Nicolle posted in: Memset News

Here at Memset we are always looking for ways to improve our service offerings to ensure that we provide the most reliable, secure, affordable and efficient products we can. As part of this cycle of continual service improvement, we have highlighted the way we provide customer service and overall account security as two areas where we believe we could be doing better. We would like to take a moment of your time to outline three important changes that we will be implementing in the coming weeks.

Support Ticket Submission

Customer support requests and submissions often involve the discussion of potentially sensitive account data or to book in work that could potentially be damaging to a mission-critical customer system. For this reason, we obviously want to be able to do everything we can to authenticate the user requesting the work and to ensure that they have the necessary authorisation to do this. Therefore, in the future, we will ONLY accept ticket submission via our control panel. Emails sent to will receive an automated response stating that the request has not been received and instructions will be provided on how to correctly submit a ticket. Once an engineer replies to your ticket you will receive notification via email. To view or reply to the response you will need to log into your Memset account and go to your ticketing section of the control panel. Your current SLA will define your access to this feature and the level of support that you receive as it does now -

Access Control Lists

Feedback from our users and the introduction of the above ticketing system has led us to introduce an added layer of security to accounts, allowing administrators to apply granular access control restrictions to individual users of the account.  Individual users will be able to have their own login credentials with a range of permissions able to be put in place for individual users of the account. The old account password will be migrated to the account Admin user, allowing the Admin user to log in with their email address and old account password. Once the account Admin contact has assigned a set of permissions for another user, the user will then be able to set a password of their choosing and log in with their email address and new password. The following individual permission groups have been created:

  • Manage users - will allow the user to manage other users and assign login permissions to them.
  • Manage billing - will allow the user to view and use billing pages on e.g. adding/modifying payment methods, viewing invoices.
  • Manage services - will allow the user to view and use pages related to services purchased from Memset e.g. to manage firewall rules, reboot servers and manage DNS settings.
  • Manage support - will allow the user to view and submit support tickets.
  • Purchase services - will allow the user to pass through the shopping basket checkout.

A account will always have one account Admin contact and one account Billing contact. These contacts will be used occasionally when we need to get in touch. The Admin contact is considered to be a 'superuser' and will always have all permissions assigned, allowing them to have full control over the account. The Billing contact will always have the 'Manage billing' permission allowing them to see billing pages on If account Admin or Billing contacts need to be assigned to different users, the correct permissions must be assigned to those users prior to setting them as Admin/Billing contact. For power users whose email address may be associated with multiple accounts, there will be an option to specify which account to log in to on the login screen.

Additional telephone support security

Customers with an applicable SLA are able to phone our emergency support phone line during working hours. In order to make use of our telephone support service customers will be required to first log into their Memset control panel. From there you will be provided with our contact phone number and a PIN number. On phoning this number you will be asked to enter the PIN and then connected to an available systems administrator. This will ensure that all customers have already been authenticated through the Memset website before they are able to be connected to a Memset support administrator.

We will contact you in separate emails before each of these changes goes live to give you some further notice. The first of the changes will be the ACL improvements and is likely to go live mid to late August.