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Domain Names

Create your online identity with the perfect Domain name!


Brand recognition

Instantly establish where and what your organisation does


Easily searchable

An easy memorable way to find your organisation


Brand Identity

Establish and protect your online brand identity

A domain name is the first and one of the most important steps in creating an online identity. No matter if you’re or it’s important for you to have a domain name for your website and email. Memset’s domain registration service provides an easy way to register domains and keep them easily visible alongside all of your other Memset products in your Memset account.

Check your domain availability now

gTLD Free DNS hosting Free DNS transfers Yearly price
.com Yes Yes £12.00
.net Yes Yes £15.00
.org Yes Yes £15.00
.uk Yes Yes £9.00 Yes Yes £9.00 Yes Yes £9.00
.biz Yes Yes £16.80
.info Yes Yes £16.80
  • Can I transfer my existing domain to Memset?

    You can! If you want to transfer the registration i.e. start renewing the domain through Memset, or if you only want to start using Memset’s DNS services we will be happy to help you with both. Please note that we can only accept registration transfers of types of domains that we register.

  • What happens if I miss a renewal?

    If your domain is registered with Memset we will notify you long before the expiry date that the domain needs renewal. If you miss renewing the domain it will stop working for a period before getting deregistered giving you a warning that the domain has expired and allowing you to renew it in time.

  • Can I take my domain name somewhere else?

    You can transfer your domain to a new registrar or use your own or someone else's DNS servers at any time. Memset does not put any roadblocks in place to prevent you doing whatever you want with your domain.

  • How should I choose a good domain name?

    Your name or the name of your company is a good place to start. However, all the common domains have already been registered so consider adding hyphen “-” between words. Also try including your activity and location to further increase the chances that the domain won’t be registered. These days it is even worth choosing your company name based on what domains are available because a good domain name is so important.

Still have questions about our Domain service, book a consultation with a specialist now.


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