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Nicolle posted in: Memset News

The sky over Guildford lit up last night for the annual Guildford Lions firework display. Memset is delighted to sponsor the event every year as it brings the community together and raises an enormous amount of money for vital local charities. One of the charities supported this year was KatCanDo. They provide diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative equipment and other resources related to cancer treatment not automatically provided by the NHS.

I was stood in Stoke Park (in some really quite muddy Wellington boots) as the candle lit procession snaked its way up from the town centre. Watching the tiny lights, glowing in the dark, converge and blend with the waiting crowd created a lovely atmosphere before the main event. 20:30 saw thousands of Guildfordians gathered around the cordoned off fireworks as the first bursts of colour and noise exploded hundreds of feet above us. Although always an impressive event, the organisers really pulled out all the stops this year, aided by the near-perfect dry and still conditions.

Hopefully the Guildford Lions have reached their fundraising target of £15,000. Judging by the huge number of people there, it certainly looks like they will.