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Memset’s vLAN enables you to connect multiple servers together so that they are able to securely communicate with one another via a private network. Every server, either dedicated or virtual, can be connected to these vLANs, providing you with enhanced security, privacy and performance.

By segmenting traffic on your network into groups that keep certain types of traffic separate from the rest of the traffic on your network, a vLAN facilitates secure communications within your infrastructure.

You can set up one or more vLANs to create subnets within the hosts in your account.

Most commonly, businesses use our vLANs to:

  • Create secure connections between the hosts in their account
  • Improve the performance of their internal network traffic
  • Facilitate high availability solutions
  • Deploy complex multi-tier applications

By using vLANs network security is increased. Traffic routing via the vLAN will not pass over our external firewalls and can only be received by the hosts allocated to that vLAN. No other external hosts or hosts on our network will be able to intercept that traffic.


Setting up a Memset vLAN

Anyone with a Memset server can set up a vLAN. A vLAN is allocated free of charge with dedicated servers or our load balancer product. If you have a virtual server or need more than one vLAN these are available for £10.00 per month.

Setting up your vLAN couldn’t be simpler. Simply log into your account and select the vLAN service page in your control panel. The following details are displayed:

  • Private network: the private class C network that is being used to address the hosts in the vLAN.
  • Network zone: the network zone where the vLAN is located. Only hosts in the same network zone can be added to the vLAN.
  • Hosts: the number of hosts currently in the vLAN.

Manage vLAN hosts in the Management tools section will enable you to easily add and remove hosts to the vLAN. The manager will also display the private IP addresses assigned to each host.


Calling in the cavalry

Adding or removing a host will trigger a network configuration change that can affect your service. Setting up a vLAN isn’t necessarily difficult, but if you don’t have the in-house expertise to correctly configure your vLAN, our technical support team can help you under the Managed Platform SLA.

Implementing a vLAN is extremely straightforward and you'll be rewarded with more bandwidth, increased security, and improved network performance.

How would using a vLAN help your company?  Why not give our sales team a call on 0800 634 9270 to find out more.