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Modern organisations have always relied on digital infrastructure to support their businesses. However, at no other point in time has there been such a need for cloud services than during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the physical world being replaced by the virtual, cloud services have become a key facilitator in ensuring businesses can remain operational, even in the most challenging of circumstances. 

New research has revealed the hyperscale community should maintain a strong position amid this crisis and will remain fairly insulated from any fallout. Yet, it is not just the hyperscalers who are well placed to ride out this pandemic. Small and mid-sized MSPs like Memset are also well placed to prosper and continue supporting organisations at this difficult time.

Flexibility is key for organisations at this time. We have all seen the impact to many businesses across many industries and unfortunately, a lot will be forced to significantly scale back operations the longer the pandemic plays out.   

With hyperscalers, the reality is many customers are locked into agreements, which they can’t break out of. This could have significant ramifications for the financial positions of some customers. Smaller MSPs, however, tend to offer more elasticity. At Memset, our customers can scale their IT needs dependent on what they use, without diminishing on service quality. At a time when many businesses are looking to consolidate activities and reduce spending, we see this a welcome benefit for businesses concerned about their immediate and long-term future.”

In addition to greater flexibility, a lot of organisations will be considering data jurisdiction. We don’t know what the future is going to look like post COVID-19. While the latest data suggest some of the worst hit parts of Europe are starting to come out of the other side, nations like the US are still peaking.  

For organisations which have their information in territories like the US, questions will be asked to whether data can be accessed if the region is hit badly. The advantage of smaller, UK-based MSPs is you still have the ability to physically access your data within the data centre. 

At Memset we are in a strong position to do a lot of good for our customers at this time. A lot of businesses are suffering, and it’s all in our best interests to do what we can to help them survive. Iit’s not about pushing services, it’s about coming up with ways to help them deliver critical services to the best of their abilities. Once we come out of the other side these acts of kindness and compassion won’t be forgotten.