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Nicolle posted in: Memset News Business

With more and more websites gaining SSL protection, consumers are becoming increasingly wary of sites which do not support HTTPS. Indeed, major web browsers are no longer marking pages with 'mixed content' as secure (ars technica UK, 2015), with an eventual goal of marking all non-https sites with a warning (cnet, 2015).

We are therefore pleased to announce that SSL support has now been put live for our CDN service.

The new functionality allows our customers to use our CDN to host static resources on both HTTP and HTTPS sites. To facilitate this, we have introduced a new URL for SSL usage, with a Comodo signed certificate behind it. This can be found within the CDN Control panel, for example:

For current users of Memstore™, migration to this new URL is just a case of replacing the period with a hyphen. This new format will fall back to HTTP if required. Therefore, the CDN can be used in a protocol-inspecific manner, for example:

<img src="//" />

With a Secure CDN, along with our SSL Certificates, we supply all the tools for our customers to create fast-loading, secure and trusted websites.