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Nicolle posted in: Memset News

Large visual changes are coming to soon. Here is a list and explanation of the improvements before they arrive.

  • Header and Navigation Layout.
  • Main Content Area and Page Introduction.
  • Footer Update.
  • Basket Design Update.
  • Homepage De-cluttered.

Control Panel – Your Account - Don’t Panic

Our focus during this update is to cause as little disruption to the control panel as possible. The control panel pages you are accustomed to will remain, with some cosmetic improvements.

Header and Navigation Layout

The current navigation for was created years ago when only high-quality, flexible dedicated and virtual hosting solutions were on offer. However, as our services have evolved in response to your requirements, the navigation has been updated as follows:

  • Services – Explore the full range of our high-security infrastructure services
  • Solutions – Discover how these services are suitable according to the size and nature of your business
  • Support – Access all the information you need about our services and accreditations
  • About – Learn how Memset have been trailblazers in cloud computing since 2002

The header itself has received a new design, which now provides a persistent menu. This can be used to access your account at any time by selecting “Your Account”.

Main Content Area and Page Introduction is currently limited to a width of 980px. Breaking free from this constraint, we will be able to take advantage of larger screens.

In the control panel we have minimised the introduction so you can see more of the important content. For the publicly available pages we have added, or will be adding, an introduction to summarise what each page is offering.

Basket Update

Being able to customise services and add them to a basket before signing up for an account is important to Memset. It’s a feature that proves our devotion to transparent pricing for all customers. There are some small visual changes for the basket and checkout sections aimed at providing a consistent experience.

Footer Update

The site footer has been enlarged and provides links to some of our most popular pages. As well as showing some legally necessary content, we have links to the most recent company news and social media. Homepage

Another part of that was designed for a different era; our homepage appears cluttered and busy. To promote the feeling of clarity that we want for all our users, we have simplified our message. Displaying our goals and achievements as clearly as possible, users are provided links to the most popular products.

Ensuring that our customers can work efficiently and comfortably using is a high priority. A significant step forwards for, this update will provide a clean and simple interface for navigating the site.