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Nicolle posted in: Business

"G-Cloud has shown itself to be a model for efficient public sector IT procurement, establishing a dynamic marketplace for cloud-based IT services. We have simplified the procurement process through G-Cloud to make it more accessible to a wider range of companies, leading to more choice, better value for the taxpayer and growth for the economy." Francis Maude Minister for the Cabinet Office.

The introduction of the government’s Public Cloud First Policy mandate, the G-Cloud CloudStore offers all public sector organisations the opportunity to access hundreds of pre-approved companies when looking to purchase new or renew existing IT products and services. The CloudStore addresses the concern for many government departments over confidentiality and accessibility of more open environments through the CESG accreditation system.

The accreditation scheme is intended to remove the requirement for public bodies themselves to check the standards of potential Cloud services suppliers and provide confidence that cloud services have been assessed centrally by information assurance body CESG and approved to operate to a required level.

The case for streamlining business processes and seeking out economies of scale—such as making use of the government’s G-Cloud procurement framework—is a compelling one.  Memset offers expert advice to help with your cloud computing decision-making and, ultimately, help you enhance public service delivery.

Ordering from Memset via the G-Cloud catalogue is straightforward

Simply contact us with your requirements, assess our quotation and sign off the appropriate documentation from Memset. We can have you up and running in a matter of hours.