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Thomas Owen posted in: Security

Cyber security breaches have become an endemic problem in modern society and business, from the likes of huge public incidents at Sony and T-Mobile, through critically impacted SMEs to individual people suffering life-changing cybercrime attacks and personal fraud.

Cyber security is becoming a growing concern for every organisation and individual and its impact is now being tracked and assessed at a national level by the UK Government. Cyber security threats are now considered to be equal in risk to the UK as international terrorism and global military conflict according to the National Security Strategy, which has driven extensive investment in both public and private sectors.

Good security practice is now an absolute requirement in order to have a sustainable business and a competitive edge in most national and international markets, but this doesn’t have to be at the cost of efficiency, expense or agility. Regardless of the size and type of your organisation, there are actions you can take.

Cutting-edge security services

Memset offers a range of cutting-edge security services bundled into our free Managed Infrastructure support offering, with additional services included in our top-tier Managed Platform SLA. These include:

  • Free regular vulnerability scanning, a vital counterpart to good patch management
  • Host-based intrusion detection systems providing integrated visibility of attacks on your solution, vital for both operational security and compliance
  • Free virtual firewalling with a range of self-managed, default and Memset-managed rulesets and configuration
  • DDoS protection to mitigate the impact of common network attacks on availability
  • Free support hours for technical or operational consultancy, helping you to maximise your security bang for buck
  • Secure Network Gateway services to allow traffic between secure networks
  • Geographic resilience and backup services to ensure you have the uptime appropriate to your unique business needs

Talk to your Account Manager or our Sales Team +44 (0)1753 471 040 if you have any queries regarding our security services, accreditations, or if you would like help in further securing your hosting solution. Ditto, please let us know if there is a new security or compliance related pain-point that you would prefer be delivered as a service.

We are listening and here to help!