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Power and control are often what business leaders are lacking when it comes to the IT they outsource. A dedicated server however can provide businesses with the sought-after flexibility and superior performance they are lacking. Increasing numbers of organisations are outsourcing their IT function, but for those beginning this transition, it is critical they recognise that the hyperscalers are not the be-all and end-all. Instead, organisations should look towards niche service providers that provide a secure and reliable solution that can be tailored to meet their exact needs.

Here at Memset we are committed to challenging the hosting services market, having announced the launch of a brand-new, state-of-the-art dedicated server range. Designed to support the increasing demand for flexible server capacity, our niche server solution boasts exceptional levels of data security.

From handling large volumes of data, to supporting a busy website or extracting complex data analytics, our dedicated server range aims to identify, and respond to, the specific demands of every customer. In short, customers will be able to grow their business in a way that suits their business objectives.

As part of the dedicated server solution, our customers will be provided with access to their own individual server. We do of course understand that every business is unique, so we have ensured we don’t have a one size fits all offering. Solutions on offer range from a ‘starter’ level, designed for organisations in need of very basic hosted support services. Right through to the enterprise-grade Dell PowerEdge servers which are capable of supporting up to 768GB of RAM, 24 Xeon cores, all maintained with 144TB of speedy SSD storage. The servers’ RAM and drives are also configurable as part of the ordering process.

For those looking to bolster their data security, Memset dedicated servers are entirely compliant with the full suite of Memset security tools. From an external firewall, intrusion detection and vulnerability management to penetration testing; we are able to provide complete 24/7/365 security, ensuring server safety as well as keeping data locked down.

We are able to provide SMEs with complete scalability with our latest generation of servers and premium hardware, in addition to supporting larger organisations that require further assistance through our server management service. We are really excited about our flexible dedicated server offering and strongly believe it has the capabilities needed to support any business, regardless of size and markets of operation!

For more information about Memset’s dedicated server solution, please see the link here or do not hesitate to get in touch