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Dedicated Virtual Private Networks (VLAN)

Whether your servers are in the same or different Memset data centres, get fast and secure communication between them.


Security & Monitoring

All VLANs are Memset monitored and provide superior security



Free server-to-server traffic on your VLAN



Low latency and 1Gbps private network per server

A Memset VLAN connects servers in the same data centre, or network zone, over a private, high capacity, 1Gb/s network. This network will only carry traffic from your servers and is not accessible to or from the internet so it can be trusted with any sensitive traffic you need to move. Traffic on Memset VLANs is not metered or contended so you can transfer as much as you need without worrying about hitting limits or receiving bandwidth bills.

If you have servers in separate Memset data centres but still require private, high-performance communication then a Memset Cross Site Private Network will connect your VLANS over Memset’s fibre optic cables that link our data centres.  Our links are private to Memset and carry only Memset data. This means that when you use a Memset Cross Site Private Network your private data is not sent across the public internet but only traverses Memset owned and managed redundant and geographically separated routers and fibres.

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Cross Site Private Network

Instead of using your bandwidth quota to connect servers over the Internet, Memset's Cross Site Private Network will allow you to do this at a fixed cost with a reliable, secure, low-latency connection with guaranteed quality of service.

Site to site

Connect servers located in different Memset data centres


Connect over a fast private link


Servers are connected without the need to traverse the internet


Built on Memset's redundant Wide Area Network (WAN)


Receive a minimum bandwidth allowance


Support packages to suit your needs available 24/7/365

By using a cross site private network to connect your servers located in Memset’s various data centres, Memset will provide a bridge to connect a VLAN at both data centres creating one logical private network spanning geographically separate locations. You'll, therefore, be able to connect servers without the need to traverse the Internet – enabling both servers to communicate securely with one another.

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  • What is a VLAN?

    A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a private network between Cloud VPS or Dedicated Servers in your account, facilitating entirely secure communications within your infrastructure. This is included free with Performance Patrol™ and for customers with a fully Dedicated Server.

    For further details, please view the VLAN documentation.

  • How do I get a VLAN?

    We provide a free VLAN with your first fully Dedicated Server and any Load Balancer. These will appear in your account once you have purchased the product. You can then view them via the services page.

    If you don’t qualify for a free VLAN or require additional VLANs you can order them from your account for £10.30 / month.

  • What is a Cross Site Private Network?

    Memset's Cross Site Private Network gives you the ability to connect servers located in different data centres over a fast private link.

    Customers are required to have a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) in two of Memset's data centres. Once you have selected the two VLANs that you wish to link, Memset will provide a bridge to connect those VLANs creating one logical private network spanning geographically separate locations. This means that you can securely connect your servers in different datacentres without your data being exposed on the public internet.

  • Do I need a VLAN

    You will need a VLAN if you want to configure multiple servers to create a private network between them.

  • Are there network zone restrictions?

    Currently VLANs are restricted to only one network zone, which means that all your servers in a VLAN will need to be in the same network zone. The available network zones are Dunsfold UK and Reading UK.

  • How do I search available VLANS in my account?

    You can easily check if VLANs are available in your account by visiting the services page.


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