Data Centres

Our high security data centres use the latest technology, are highly resilient and utilise super-fast connectivity so you can trust them with your data


Physical Security

The physical security baseline of our data centres is aligned to most commercial security standards, including ISO27001:2013, PCI-DSS v3.2, PSN CoCo and the requirements of data marked OFFICIAL.

Individual data centres have been aligned with the now obsolete IL4 specification and exceed these requirements, including Class 3 strong-room construction for data centre skins and door composition, ANPR vehicle entry controls and door composition or the use of vibration sensors.

Memset Accreditations

Logical Security

We have put significant protections in place to reduce the risk of cybersecurity attack on our networks, infrastructure and personnel, and to protect our customers from risk of compromise via our systems.

Tools include intrusion detection systems, strong network security and audit controls, privileged user access control systems to manage our system administrators access to customer solutions, continual vulnerability assessment and regular security testing.


Network Resilience

We operate a geographically resilient, low-latency WAN between all data centres and support locations, with diverse transit locations and a large bandwidth over-provision and DDoS mitigation controls to ensure availability.

PSN and HSCN connections are available at all Memset data centres, and powerful, simple to use cross-site networking products making it easy for customers to set up geographically redundant solutions.  For more information contact the Sales team.  

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Data Centre Redundancy

All Memset data centres maintain at least N+1 redundancy in electrical systems, geographically redundant network provision and N+25% cooling capacity. Appropriate fire detection and suppression systems are fitted to all data centres. Our mechanical and electrical systems are subject to regular failover testing and maintenance by qualified professionals.


UK Data Sovereignty

Our data centres and support teams are all maintained and managed within the UK. Fitted with cutting edge environmental, operational and security controls, they deliver performance and peace of mind to our customers.

Our data centres are all subject to UK legal jurisdiction and our core products (Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud IaaS and Cloud Storage) are wholly operated from the UK.  Where add-on or third-party products require transmission or storage of data outside of the UK this is clearly highlighted.  We guarantee that all third parties are rigorously audited and managed according to ISO27001 and GDPR best practices.

Privacy Commitments

Green Credentials

We pride ourselves on being an ethical, environmentally conscious cloud service provider. In order to sustain our environmental approach to hosting we have implemented an ISO14001 compliant Environmental Management System, which is externally validated by BSI annually. In addition, we maintain Carbon Neutral compliance and are in the process of gaining EU Data Centre compliance.

We continue to implement improvements to lessen our impact on the environment. Continually going through consolidation exercises as well as improvement exercises in our data centre, cooling systems and adiabatic systems, to ensure that where possible we reduce energy use and minimise waste creation.

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