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Website Firewall Platform

Protect your website from hacks and attacks and improve performance with DDoS protection and WAF in one


DDoS Protection

Detect and prevent even the most sophisticated attack



Filter, monitor and blocks HTTP traffic to stop attacks


Global CDN

Provides high availability and redundancy for your website

With 90,000 websites hacked on a daily basis, according to, you need to protect your business 24/7 from cybercrime. We've teamed up with cyber security specialists to deliver a cloud-based managed security service for websites. It provides complete website security, including DDoS mitigation and WAF, which can be easily managed alongside your Memset infrastructure.

Our website firewall platform monitors for security incidents and blocks website hacks protecting your site and keeping hackers out. It does all of this while not degrading user experience, in fact, it helps ensure your website is running fast, ensures operational continuity and helps with SEO. 

This is the perfect solution for any website owner or business that wants to have their security managed on their behalf by a team of trusted and experienced professionals. It can save your business time and money and provides peace of mind about website security.

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Why WAF?

Businesses of all sizes are storing more and more data, a profitable target for cybercrime, so defending your data is critical! A Website Application Firewall blocks suspicious activity to your website to protect yourWAF businesses data and applications. It provides:

  • Malware and Hack Detection 
  • Zero-Day Exploit Prevention  
  • Brute Force Attacks Prevention

Why DDoS mitigation? 

You need your business to be online 24/7, even when you are under attack! DDoS protection puts measures in place to improve your business continuity helping you stay online. By filtering out bad traffic we ensure your website only receives genuine traffic, protecting you from even the most sophisticated of DDoS attacks - so your business can operate as normal. 

With Memset you'll benefit from:


Industry Leading


Industry leading

Built for Your


Built for your website



Easy set up
We work with security experts! Constantly researching website hacks and the constantly evolving new cyber threats. Whether your website is a CMS or custom code your website will be safe from web application attacks The configuration is simple and you can easily customise it. Or if you choose we can deploy and manage it for you. 

The platform requires no installation. 

You can quickly and easily make DNS changes or we can do it for you. 

Get the Sucuri platform from as little as £10.50 / domain / mo

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Website Protection

A cloud-based WAF it is designed to stop hacks and attacks to your website. Researchers are constantly investigating and improving the detection and mitigation of potential threats. Not only do you benefit from a team of industry expert researchers but you can take control by customising your own DNS rules. 


  • Instantly block hackers 
  • DDoS attack mitigation 
  • Virtual patching and hardening 
  • Protect brand reputation 
  • Geo-blocking
  • Prevent Zero-Day exploits

Improved Performance

There is no point securing your website if the user experience is degraded. The platform uses several techniques to make your site faster, such as a global CDN caching your website automatically, a feature both users and search engines will appreciate. Allowing you to enjoy a faster and more highly available website across the world.


  • Website speed optimisation 
  • Multiple caching options 
  • Global anycast network 
  • Fast HTTP/2 support
  • Reduced server load time 
  • Reliable website uptime 


You can find more information on our Website Firewall Platform and learn how to set it up in our documentation pages. 

  • DoS and DDoS mitigation

    Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are widely used by attackers to take your website offline, which can result in loss of business. 

    This platform blocks both volumetric and application-layer DDoS attacks in the Cloud whilst allowing legitimate traffic to continue through, ensuring your website and business stay online.

  • Website Application Firewall (WAF)

    Vulnerable web servers, login pages and CMS are favourite targets for hackers.  A Web Application Firewall intercepts all traffic destined for your web server and examines it for possible attacks.

    All traffic is routed via the WAF before reaching your website, allowing it to detect and block layer 7 hacking attempts before they reach your web host, whilst letting real user interaction through.


  • Global CDN

    Minimising the distance between your website visitors and your website's server can speed up your website and improve user experience. 

    A Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) automatically caches your bandwidth-intensive assets whenever global users visit your site, accelerating their experience by up to 75%

  • Geo Blocking

    The majority of website attacks come from only a handful of countries.

    The platform allows you to dynamically block all traffic from the top three attack countries with a single click, reducing exposure to most attacker routes. 

Improve website security and performance in one

The perfect solution for any ecommerce website no matter the size of your business. 


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