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Protect your servers and business-critical data with a Memset Firewall

Unprotected servers exposed to the internet are vulnerable to all kinds of malicious hacking activity, including denial-of-service and brute-force attacks.  These kinds of attacks can lead to system downtime and data theft.  Our bespoke, highly-available firewalls guard against attacks and intrusion from the internet to help keep your data safe and your web-connected services online.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is the first level of protection for a server ensuring the incoming and outgoing network traffic is locked down to permitted ports, protocols and IP addresses.

Why a Memset Firewall? 

An external firewall such as ours provides an additional level of security as it physically sits in between your server and the internet, ensuring all external traffic passes through it. The firewall rules can only be modified via the secure Memset control panel or API, so you can be sure that only authorised users can make changes.

  • Basic Service

    Access to all non-standard ports is blocked. The ports that are accessible include those for web services such as HTTP, SSH, SMTP and POP3. Ports to allow remote access via Remote Desktop and cPanel / WHM are also open.

  • Self-Managed Service

    The self-managed firewalling option gives you complete control over your firewall rules, either using the Memset Control Panel or via our API. This service is recommended for users with specialist requirements or those familiar with firewalling.

  • Memset-Managed Service

    With our fully managed option, you can do as much or as little as you like.  You have the option of making changes yourself or alternatively, we can make firewall changes on instruction from you.  We can also offer advice about the best firewall rules to fit your needs. 

    This service is available for all Servers and Cloud VPS on our Premium or Premium + Support Level.


How to set up

Find more information on how the Firewall works and how to configure on your Memset server in our documentation 

What next?

If you have any questions on our Firewall or how to configure please set up a call with a technical expert.

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