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The current situation has forced the UK into a brand-new way of working, and demand for flexibility from businesses has never been higher. With technological dependence greater than ever before, businesses need to be ensuring continuity, and the key to this is adaptability, allowing firms to move with the moment. When it comes to that kind of flexibility, businesses should be looking to smaller niche cloud providers rather than a hyperscaler that offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

A bespoke, considerate offering from a dedicated company that prides itself on providing the same expertise to all business – regardless of their size – is exactly what businesses should be opting for. A tailored approach like ours ensures businesses have the ability to scale their IT needs accordingly to suit their individual requirements. 

Having just launched our public cloud (IaaS) open source hosting solution, Memset is perfectly positioned to help organisations that require cloud hosting to adjust to the current situation we find ourselves in. As a managed service provider, we can assist in every stage - from launch to ongoing stellar service. Data security is at the heart of what we do, so all our offerings provide the same exceptional standards.

By offering our public cloud hosting as open source, utilising OpenStack, we’re ensuring customers can avoid vendor lock-in, as we want our services to fit our customer’s needs. Instantly scalable, with the ability to choose what infrastructure to deploy and when - perfect for a time of such uncertainty, when being cost effective is of more importance than ever. In contrast to dedicated servers or cloud VPS, public cloud is the more financially savvy choice.

We have the know-how and infrastructure to work with businesses of any size, while simultaneously providing a far more tailored level of service than hyperscaler providers. We’re committed to challenging the market like this, and you can count on us to remain customer focused. At Memset, we believe that everyone should have access to technological innovation, and we demonstrate this across our entire service offerings.

We are really excited to be bringing our public cloud offering at a time when UK businesses need our expertise, and we believe our latest offering demonstrates our continued commitment to providing customers with flexible, reliable and secure IT solutions.

For more information about Memset’s public cloud IaaS solutions, please see the link here.