Memset Server Status Gnome AppIndicator

  • Update: Post out of date - The software described below is no longer available.

To demonstrate how you can use our new API, I have created a basic Gnome AppIndicator (crudely named "Memset Status App") which polls our API for server monitoring status information (specifically, the 'ping' check). It will update the status every 10 seconds and if any of the servers are not pinging, the icon will turn red. If everything is OK, the icon will turn (or remain) blue.

Memseet Status App - status OK Memseet Status App - status DOWN

I have only tested it on Ubuntu 11.04 and there is no error checking, so it's rather fragile! Nevertheless, you can download from here .

I'll upload it to our github account at some point and also improve the code and packaging.


  • Download the file
  • untar it (e.g. tar xvf memset-status-app-0.1.tar)
  • cd memset-status-app
  • sudo python install


  • If you do not have one already, create an API key in the Memset control panel (optionally restrict the scope to
  • Create ~/.config/memset-status-app.conf with the following configuration:
    api_key = <YOUR KEY HERE>

You should now be able to run from a shell.

Posted May 2012 by Andrew Wade , in Dev

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