Keystone Authentication is Available for Memstore

We are happy to announce that we have rolled out an upgrade to Memstore authentication services to add support to  authentication 2.0 as implemented by Keystone (the OpenStack Identity Service).

This new authentication API adds to the existing one (auth 1.0), so you can use the one that best suits your needs.

The new authentication parameters are:

  • URL:
  • Username: your Memstore™ username (e.g. admin).
  • Password: the user password.
  • Tenant name: your Memstore™ name (e.g. mstestaa1).

Depending on the library you're using you may also need the service name ('memstore'), the region (usually 'reading', check your Memstore's network zone in the control panel), and the URL type ('publicURL').

Auth 1.0 is still valid and it is likely to be fully supported in your client/library so if you were already using it, you don't need to do anything. New libraries may only implement the new authentication, and now we've got you covered!

Posted September 2013 by Juan J. Martínez , in Dev

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