Useful free tools from Memset

Memset is pleased to open up three previously internal tools for public use.

RAID Calculator

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks) is a persistent storage technology allowing multiple disks to be used as one logical volume. Using RAID can limit the risk of data loss in the event of disk failure by algorithmically distributing data across the array of disks.

This useful tool is designed to help you understand the risks of disk failure and data loss for different RAID configurations taking into account variables such as:

  • the total number of disks in use
  • the capacity of the disks and their average lifetime
  • the rebuild speed of the RAID controller
  • the time taken to physically replace failed disks

With some necessary approximation and other basic assumptions, clear and interesting conclusions can be drawn with regard to the differing probabilities of data loss across different RAID configurations.

Memset's Miniserver VM® servers and twin-disk dedicated servers come with RAID 1 mirroring as standard. For servers with more than two disks we use RAID 10 or RAID 6.

Secure Password Generator

Password strength is generally specified in terms of "entropy bits".  This secure password generator is the one Memset uses to generate its own passwords in-house.

The passwords generated by this tool are meant to be human-memorable but have 47 bits of entropy meaning a brute force attacker would need 2^47 attempts to exhaust all possibilities.  Human generated passwords generally have significantly lower entropy leaving them more vulnerable to brute force attack.

PageRank Checker

  • The Page Rank checker tool is no longer available.

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm developed at Google which determines the relative importance of a page in the context of the whole World Wide Web. Use this tool to find the PageRank for your pages.

Posted March 2013 by Stewart Perrygrove , in Dev

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