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Ops Blog Posts

jun 06 2018

Self-Hosting Your Git Repositories

In this blog we'll get started with two popular options for hosting your own Git repositories.

jan 26 2017

Ansible automation on Memset Servers

This article will help you to effectively use the automation tool Ansible with your servers at Memset.

dec 07 2016

Blocking Wordpress xmlrpc.php attacks with CSF

Blocking xmlrpc.php attacks

oct 20 2016

zRAM and next-gen Miniservers

zRAM and swap on next-gen Miniservers.

jan 18 2016

Memset CDN Now Supports SSL

The new functionality allows our customers to use our CDN to host static resources on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.

nov 03 2015

Using Docker with Memset Miniservers

Our getting started guide

jun 25 2015

Why does Magento need full page caching?

Find out why & how to go about it here

jun 03 2015

Clustering Magento with Memset infrastructure

A short guide to set up a Magento cluster using Memset's vLAN and snapshot services.

may 22 2015

Debian Jessie for Miniservers

Debian Jessie is now available for Miniservers.

mar 11 2015

TLS cipher suite best practice

Continue to operate applications like nagios whilst protecting against downgrade attacks and blocking the use of weak ciphers

feb 24 2015

New Default Linux Miniserver Kernel

We have recently made available a new kernel for all Linux Miniservers.

jan 16 2015

Windows Server 2003 end of life

Extended support ending for server 2003

aug 12 2014

How To Use Memset's Support Ticketing System

Learn how we have improved our support ticketing system to provide you with greater security and more efficient support.

aug 05 2014

Service Management Changes

Continual service improvements to enhance our customer service

dec 30 2012

Drowning in Data?

Here are some ways to save space and maximise data storage

dec 03 2012

Slow website?

Here are some tips to improve your load speed

nov 30 2012

How To Choose A Domain Name

Follow These Tips To Guarantee Your Online Success

nov 27 2012

Denial of service attacks

What are the security challenges facing organisations

jul 20 2012

Integrate Snapshots to your Backups

Know how miniservers snapshots can improve your backup strategy.

jun 28 2012

Backup using Duplicati

Backup your Windows server to Memstore using Duplicati.

jun 21 2012


Combing MemStore with CDP v4 backups makes for a quick, safe, and easy disaster recovery plan

apr 02 2012

Adventures in Flight Simulation

When I was asked at the age of seven what I wanted to be when I grew up I knew the answer; A Commercial Airline Pilot.

nov 01 2011

I'd Like to thank the Firm

Memset has constantly won awards for its services and products in the three years I’ve been working for them. It’s not hard to see why - Memset is a wonderful place to work.

oct 01 2011

Backups For Windows Servers

We all know backups are very important, but do we honestly do enough to ensure that we are fully resilient against failure - whether that be human or electronic?

jul 01 2011

Backup Options Keep Your Data Safe

Taking a little bit of time out of your day to backup your data is certainly not wasted time.