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mar 07 2016

Government Consultancy Spend Increasing

Memset Explores Why?

jan 25 2016

Is the UK Government turning its back on Open Standards and Open Source?

90% - 98% of G-Cloud Sales are on Proprietary Software

jun 24 2015

G-Cloud VI Tips for Success

Tips to help you on the road to success.

dec 10 2014

G-Cloud 2014: Three Years On And We’re Making Real Progress

As we look to G-Cloud 6, the sixth reiteration of the G-Cloud programme, Memset’s Public Sector Advisor Robin Pape explores what G-Cloud and associated government initiatives have achieved to date.

feb 25 2014

How To Move To The Cloud

A quick guide for public sector organisations

feb 25 2014

How To Save Money via G-Cloud

There are many drivers for cost savings

feb 25 2014

Purchasing Through G-Cloud

How To Select A Supplier from CloudStore

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