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Cloud Blog Posts

aug 30 2018

SSL Certificates - Free Vs Memset Paid

Are you confused as to whether to go for a free SSL certificate over a Memset Paid, read this blog to find out why you would go for paid over free

jun 07 2018

Attending OpenStack Summit - Vancouver 2018

OpenStack Summit, is a great place to find out what is going on in the community and Vancouver 2018 was no different.

apr 24 2018

GDPR The Final Countdown

GDPR is now a month away but what happens once May 25th rolls around and GDPR in the UK becomes our reality?

feb 08 2018

Memset's Best Bits of 2017

Reviewing 2017 with Hosting Advice and Memset's top moments

sep 21 2017

Heard The One About "Pets vs Cattle" In The Cloud?

It's a great analogy for the difference between Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers

aug 23 2017

Increasing Disk Space on Cloud VPS

How we used OpenStack technology to improve our Cloud VPS storage

jun 30 2017

Same reliable services, new names

In recent years the hosting industry has changed significantly, we’ve noticed that what we once called Miniserver VM is now known as Cloud VPS. Therefore we are changing some of our service titles...

jul 14 2015

Memset Scoops Two Awards For Our First Class Hosting Services

Best Dedicated Hosting Provider and Best Enterprise Cloud Storage Product

jun 24 2015

G-Cloud VI Tips for Success

Tips to help you on the road to success.

mar 04 2015

Private Dedicated vLans

Memset’s vLAN enables you to connect multiple servers together so that they are able to securely communicate with one another via a private network.

jan 16 2015

The 'Kate' Effect is Well Known

Is Your Website Ready?

aug 19 2014

Practical Advice for Disaster Recovery

Follow these steps to get a plan in place