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oct 29 2018

L1TF aka Foreshadow Where We Are Now

What is L1TF, what does it mean for your Cloud VPS and what actions are we taking to keep you protected.

aug 30 2018

SSL Certificates - Free Vs Memset Paid

Are you confused as to whether to go for a free SSL certificate over a Memset Paid, read this blog to find out why you would go for paid over free

aug 16 2018

Intel Foreshadow Vulnerability

Intel released a statement on the 14th of August regarding three newly discovered security vulnerabilities present in all of their desktop and server CPU’s.

apr 24 2018

GDPR The Final Countdown

GDPR is now a month away but what happens once May 25th rolls around and GDPR in the UK becomes our reality?

oct 30 2017

Why is TLS 1.0 being deactivated?

What will it mean for me when TLS 1.0 is switched off?

aug 23 2017

Increasing Disk Space on Cloud VPS

How we used OpenStack technology to improve our Cloud VPS storage

jun 30 2017

Same reliable services, new names

In recent years the hosting industry has changed significantly, we’ve noticed that what we once called Miniserver VM is now known as Cloud VPS. Therefore we are changing some of our service titles...

jun 01 2017

GDPR - The new, the old and the quite surprising

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go live on 25th May 2018, bringing with it new mandatory data protection processes and mechanisms, new rights for UK citizens, new executive r...

jan 26 2017

Data Protection Day Is Fast Approaching

Will You Be Ready For The New GDPR?