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Instance Pricing

High-performance Cloud IaaS, designed to help customers get the true value of running applications in the cloud. We support standard API’s and charge by the hour.

*Any use of Microsoft Windows licenses or Images not provided by Memset is strictly forbidden, regardless of any agreements you or your organisation has with Microsoft or a reseller of Microsoft products.

vCore(s) RAM Storage Per hour Linux Per hour Windows*
1 1GB 40GB $0.016 $0.021
2 2GB 40GB $0.026 $0.034
4 4GB 40GB $0.046 $0.063
6 8GB 40GB $0.086 $0.120
8 16GB 40GB $0.164 $0.232
12 32GB 40GB $0.321 $0.458
16 64GB 40GB $0.637 $0.910
24 128GB 40GB $1.267 $1.814

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Basic Network

Create Basic Network Topology

We can create externally connected routers for you and provide an interface to a private network in your new Cloud IaaS. This will facilitate immediate outbound Internet connectivity for instances created in the project. Inbound connectivity will be available by allocating a floating IP address to an instance and setting an appropriate security group for it.

Please be aware that the router in each region will be assigned a public IP address and therefore you will be charged for each address from the time it is configured.

  • No, do not create a basic network topology
  • Yes, create a basic network topology

Security Group Rules

Allow Inbound ICMP Traffic (Recommended)

We can add a security group rule to allow inbound ICMP traffic. This rule will be added to the default security group for each region in your project and will allow you to ping your instances from the internet.

  • No, do not create this security group rule
  • Yes, create this security group rule

Allow Inbound SSH Traffic

We can add a security group rule to allow inbound TCP traffic on port 22 (SSH). This rule will be added to the default security group for each region in your project.

  • No, do not create this security group rule
  • Yes, create this security group rule

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Pay as You Go

Cost is based on compute, storage and IP address usage.

Persistent Storage Pricing

Our persistent storage types, backed by Ceph and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network provides you with fast, reliable and economical storage that is always available, with triple replication of all data.

We know storage costs can get high fast, so here’s our transparent, disruptive pricing model, where you’ll only ever pay for the amount of storage you provision.

Standard Disk

Our standard disk offers up to 120 IOPS and 80MB/s. Great value all purpose storage that you can count on to deliver the performance that your app needs.


High Bandwidth

High Bandwidth persistent volumes are perfect for dealing with large datasets like media content, offering up to 350MB/s bandwidth.



Our high-capacity storage volumes provide up to 3000 IOPS for super fast transactions and lots of small reads and writes providing a more consistent, high-performance experience.


High Performance

Our highest performance volume type, providing the ultimate in high performance, with up to 3000 IOPS and 350MB/s, you get the best of both worlds, delivering even higher performance for databases and other I/O-intensive applications.


Every Cloud IaaS Project Includes

  • 500Mbps Internet Connectivity*
  • Self Managed OpenStack Service Level
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Highly-Available Infrastructure
  • Secure Native OpenStack APIs

Billed by the hour with no contracts or hidden costs. *Maximum bandwidth per project is 500Mbps, this link may be contended. Transfer is charged at $0.034 per GB. Additional IPv4 addresses available for $0.004 per hour. Our prices are completely transparent and outlined for you above.

Benefits - Built for Production

Clouds that scale

Build large resilient clouds on a proven infrastructure that handles the rigors of production use. Scale your cloud at the click of a button.

100% British

Hosted in our enterprise-grade British data centres, we guarantee your data will never leave the UK giving you complete security peace of mind.

Built In Security

Memset has earned some of the highest security credentials, including Pan Government Accreditation and ISO27001.

On-demand, PAYG cloud

No large upfront costs, only pay for the resources that you use without being committed to any fixed-term contracts.

No More Vendor Dependency

Pure OpenStack API support, providing portability of your apps and data among cloud providers to avoid vendor lock in.

Quick Deployment

Create complex multi-tier architectures in the Horizon dashboard or orchestrate your deployment via Heat Templates and watch dynamically flexible virtual solutions spin up in seconds, not hours.

Support - Experts On Hand

Capitalise on the expertise of Memset’s Cloud IaaS team. Our engineers are committed to helping you get the most from the OpenStack ecosystem. Support and advice is included and available via our Memset ticketing system. We will provide technical support with all OpenStack infrastructure layer elements. Instance operating system and applications are not currently covered.

Getting Started / Documentation

Find everything you need to get started. Memset makes their Cloud IaaS more accessible to everyone, from novices to professional developers.

Review these helpful guides below:

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