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Scalable compute and storage paid by the hour

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Only pay for resources you use without committing to a fixed-term contract

Cloud That Scales

A highly redundant architecture, scalable in seconds to meet your business needs

Avoid Vendor Lock In

Migrate to any other OpenStack provider with ease thanks to standardised, open APIs

Instance Pricing

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vCPU(s) RAM Storage Per hour Linux Per hour Windows Per day Linux Per day Windows Per week Linux Per week Windows Per month Linux Per month Windows
1 1GB 40GB $0.021 $0.026 $0.499 $0.631 $3.494 $4.418 $15.184 $19.199
2 2GB 40GB $0.032 $0.043 $0.763 $1.030 $5.342 $7.207 $23.214 $31.317
4 4GB 40GB $0.057 $0.077 $1.363 $1.860 $9.542 $13.020 $41.464 $56.575
6 8GB 40GB $0.104 $0.144 $2.491 $3.456 $17.438 $24.192 $75.774 $105.120
8 16GB 40GB $0.199 $0.280 $4.786 $6.713 $33.499 $46.990 $145.562 $204.181
12 32GB 40GB $0.392 $0.552 $9.403 $13.258 $65.822 $92.803 $286.014 $403.252
16 64GB 40GB $0.829 $1.149 $19.903 $27.578 $139.322 $193.049 $605.389 $838.843
24 128GB 40GB $1.540 $2.179 $36.948 $52.298 $258.636 $366.089 $1123.835 $1590.743

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* Maximum price assuming continuous utilisation.

Persistent Storage Pricing

Our persistent storage types, backed by Ceph and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network provides you with fast, reliable and economical storage that is always available, with triple replication of all data.

We know storage costs can get high fast, so here’s our transparent, disruptive pricing model, where you’ll only ever pay for the amount of storage you provision.

Standard Disk

Our standard disk offers up to 1000 IOPS and 80MB/s. Great value, all-purpose storage that you can count on to deliver the performance you require.


High Bandwidth

High bandwidth persistent volumes are perfect for dealing with large datasets like media content, offering up to 350MB/s bandwidth.



Our high-capacity storage volumes provide up to 3000 IOPS for super fast transactions and lots of small reads and writes providing a more consistent, high-performance experience.


High Performance

Our highest performance volume type, providing the ultimate in high performance, with up to 3000 IOPS and 350MB/s, you get the best of both worlds, delivering even higher performance for databases and other I/O-intensive applications.



Our Object Storage is a highly-efficient and cost-effective storage solution for growing data. Built using Ceph it is inherently scalable, so it will expand and grow with your requirements over time.

When your data is stored, we utilise the CRUSH algorithm to randomly distribute your data throughout the storage cluster, which is then widely distributed throughout our high performance, secure data centre. Using NVMe SSDs to provide object caching, your data can quickly be retrieved at any moment under any circumstances.

Our pricing is simple and transparent, you are simply charged for what you store and the bandwidth used for downloading objects. Making it the perfect solution for storing any object.

Object Storage is an extension of our pay as you go Cloud IaaS solution, which you will need to register for in order to start instantly storing your data.

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Bandwidth in


Bandwidth out




Why Cloud IaaS?

It is often the case that an organisation's requirement of CPU, RAM and disk space increases and decreases on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Take an ecommerce website for example, it is likely busier at certain times of the day or even year such as Christmas. In fact, the same could be said of almost any web based system.

With Cloud VPS or a Dedicated Server, you have to allow for the maximum capacity at all times, which isn’t very cost-efficient. Cloud IaaS can be rapidly scaled up and down to allow for these peaks and troughs in traffic, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Our Cloud IaaS offering is powered by OpenStack, an open source technology designed to manage and automate pools of resources. We’ve put this technology together with our infrastructure and systems so that you can benefit from a highly secure and reliable Cloud IaaS. While still using standard APIs, so you can easily move between OpenStack providers avoiding vendor lock-in.

We continuously optimise the efficiency of our infrastructure to maintain high security and low prices.

For more information on Cloud IaaS and how it is the perfect solution for your business please call the team today 0800 634 9270 or request a call back.

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Every Cloud IaaS Project Includes

  • 1Gbps Internet Connectivity*
  • Self Managed OpenStack Service Level
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Highly-Available Infrastructure
  • Secure Native OpenStack APIs

Billed by the hour with no contracts or hidden costs. All our prices are completely transparent and outlined for you above.*

*Maximum bandwidth per project is 1Gbps, this link may be contended. Transfer is charged at $0.042 per GB. IPv4 addresses are available at $0.004 per hour. Image repository storage is charged at the Standard Disk storage rate.

Support - Experts On Hand

Capitalise on the expertise of Memset’s Cloud IaaS team. Our engineers are committed to helping you get the most from the OpenStack ecosystem.

Support and advice is included and available via our Memset ticketing system. We will provide technical support with all OpenStack infrastructure layer elements. Instance operating system and applications are not currently covered.

Getting Started / Documentation

Find everything you need to get started. Memset makes their Cloud IaaS more accessible to everyone, from novices to professional developers.

Review these helpful guides below:

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