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Cloud Storage (Powered by Memstore)

  • Monthly
  • Pay as you go
Usage Price GB/mo
First TB $0.057
Next 49 TB $0.050
Next 450 TB $0.043
Next 500 TB $0.038
Next 4000 TB $0.034
Over 5000 TB $0.030
Download bandwidth $0.14/GB
Upload bandwidth FREE
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Cloud Storage and Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Inbound (upload) data transfer is free. We guarantee at least 20Mbps per account for data transfer, burstable to 100Mbps.

  • Pay as you go, no limits
  • Up to
    5GB Disk space
    5GB/mo Transfer ($0.00/mo)

  • Up to
    50GB Disk space
    10GB/mo Transfer

  • Up to
    100GB Disk space
    20GB/mo Transfer

  • Up to
    200GB Disk space
    40GB/mo Transfer

  • Up to
    500GB Disk space
    100GB/mo Transfer

  • Up to
    1000GB Disk space
    200GB/mo Transfer



We can deploy your service in different geographical locations that define independent availability zones.

  • Dunsfold, Surrey, UK
  • Reading, Berkshire, UK

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Initial Period

Every plan includes

Looking for a way to store your holiday photos or your company's entire documentation, our Cloud Storage is the solution for you. Reliable, secure, flexible and simple to use, Cloud Storage provides you with a cheap and stress-free way to manage your files.

  • Set up FREE for existing customers
  • Allows for ultimate flexibility
  • Puts the pricing under your control
  • Pay as you go set up fee $1.42

What do I do next?

Contact our technical sales team today for a free, no-obligation, low-stress technical sales consultation. We strive to make purchasing services as simple as possible.

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Private Cloud Storage

Whilst we have complete confidence in the security of Cloud Storage's virtual segregation systems, some people may prefer to have their own private cloud infrastructure and we have a package for them as well.

If, for example, your company needs to comply with data retention regulations or strict data security policies, then our private Cloud Storage solution running on hardware dedicated to you might be the best option.

Data Transfer / Bandwidth and Charges

Inbound (upload) data transfer is free. Outbound (download) transfer is charged $0.14/GByte for all pay-as-you-go packages.

Unlike some other suppliers we do not have any hidden transaction fees so the costs are transparent and only for what you store or transfer off your account. We guarantee at least 20Mbps per account for data transfer, burstable to 100Mbps.

There is a small $1.42 setup fee for the pay as you go package, which we waive for existing customers.

Content Delivery Network / Static Content Hosting

With Cloud Storage, at no extra charge other than for bandwidth, we provide a content delivery network (CDN). This is a highly-resilient cluster of multiple servers in geographically diverse locations, all with massive network connectivity.

This facility is ideal for serving large or high-bandwidth static Web sites and files, such as images and video. For example, our managing director uses the Cloud Storage CDN for her technology blog.