Cloud Storage that's reliable, secure and simple.

Whether you're looking for a way to store your holiday photos or your company's entire documentation, Memstore™ is the cloud storage solution for you. Reliable, secure, flexible and simple to use, Memstore™ provides you with a cheap and stress-free way to manage your files.

Fixed Package Pricing

These packages offer Memstore™ for a fixed monthly price.





5GB Storage 50GB Storage 100GB Storage 200GB Storage
5GB/mo Transfer 10GB/mo Transfer 20GB/mo Transfer 40GB/mo Transfer
Fixed 5 Fixed 50 Fixed 100 Fixed 200

Pay As You Go Pricing

Our Pay-as-you-go option allows for flexibility and puts the pricing under your control.

  • PAYG setup fee: $1.36 (FREE for existing Memset® customers)
  • Upload bandwidth: FREE
  • Download bandwidth: $0.14/GByte
Pay As You Go Price (/GB/mo)
First 1 TB $0.054
Next 49 TB $0.048
Next 450 TB $0.041
Next 500 TB $0.037
Next 4000 TB $0.033
Over 5000 TB $0.029

Data Transfer / Bandwidth and Charges

Inbound (upload) data transfer is free. Outbound (download) transfer is charged $0.14/GByte for all pay-as-you-go packages.

Unlike some other suppliers we do not have any hidden transaction fees so the costs are transparent and only for what you store or transfer off your account.

We guarantee at least 20Mbps per account for data transfer, burstable to 100Mbps.

There is a small $1.36 setup fee for the pay as you go package, which we waive for existing customers.

Private Memstore™

Whilst we have complete confidence in the security of Memstore™'s virtual segregation systems, some people may prefer to have their own private cloud infrastructure and we have a package for them as well.

If, for example, your company needs to comply with data retention regulations or strict data security policies, then our private Memstore™ solution running on hardware dedicated to you might be the best option. See the secure private cloud page for more information.

Content Delivery Network / Static Content Hosting

With Memstore™, at no extra charge other than for bandwidth, we provide a content delivery network (CDN). This is a highly-resilient cluster of multiple servers in geographically diverse locations, all with massive network connectivity. This facility is ideal for serving large or high-bandwidth static Web sites and files, such as images and video. For example, our managing director uses the Memstore™ CDN for her technology blog.

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We have based our service on OpenStack, which is a collection of open source software developed and supported by a wide range of cloud experts. This gives you complete peace of mind as our Memstore™ solution is founded on tried, tested and compatible Object Storage software. Combined with seamless integration with our existing infrastructure this enables us to provide the best cloud storage solution around.

We have built upon OpenStack to provide a range of additional features too, including:

  • Encrypted on the disk
  • Secure by default (https)
  • SFTP interface
  • FTP interface
  • Serve any public container via HTTP using own domain


Whilst we are confident about the quality and reliability of our hardware, it is a fact of life that hard disks sometimes fail. We have built triple redundancy into our Memstore™ system so there are always three replicas of your data. In the unlikely event of a disk failure the system will automatically fill in the gaps from the other disks. As there will be no disturbance to either your data or your access you will never even know this has happened.

No data storage system can be 100% guaranteed, however. There is a remote chance that in the narrow time window during which it takes the data that was on a faulty disk to be replicated elsewhere the two other disks holding that piece of data could also fail. The architecture of the system means that if this were to happen its effects would be distributed among several customer accounts, ie. no one customer's data would be wholly lost, but some files might be.

We have performed statistical analysis on the probability of data loss and we believe the object durability to be 99.999999%. This means that any individual object (file) stored in Memstore™ has a 0.000001%, or 1 in 100,000,000 chance per year of being lost. By comparison, 6 x 2TB disks in a RAID6 array with a hot spare (generally considered by most IT professionals to be "bullet proof") has a 1 in 75,000 chance per year of significant or total data loss. If 99.999999% is not good enough for you then please contact us since we can provide improved levels but felt this was the price-resilience "sweet spot".


We understand that your data is important which is why we designed our Memstore™ system with security in mind, in line with our ISO27001 security accreditation. First, all data is encrypted on the disk. Second, access to files in Memstore™ is based on a token system which verifies authorisation and access level, providing a high level of security for your data without compromising download speed.

For added security you can assign different permission levels to the various people with access to your Memstore™. They can either have account level access and be able to access all containers (essentially folders), write to them and delete them. Or they can have Container Level access whereby you can set their permissions for each individual container. This flexibility allows you to share information easily with customers and associates without making any security concessions.

If you would prefer your data not to be colocated on the same physical hardware as other users but still want the flexibility of a cloud storage solution then we also offer private Memstore™ clouds.

You can choose to access Memstore™ via our control panel, simple FTP or secure and encrypted SFTP interfaces.


One of the biggest advantages of Memstore™ over storing your data on your own hardware is its flexibility. You can rapidly increase or decrease your storage capacity whenever you need to without the hassle of buying more hard disks or RAM. On top of this you only pay for the storage space you actually use and the data you actually transfer so there is no need to continually pay for extra storage and transfer if you will only need it a few times a year.

As we have based our Memstore™ on open source software there are absolutely no licence fees to pay. This means that you won't feel tied to our service if you aren't happy. Freedom to move your data is an important aspect of OpenStack. We want our customers to stay with us because we're the best cloud hosting provider around not because they don't have a choice.

Our use of open source software means that if you're not completely satisfied with our service you can quickly and easily transfer your data to one of the many other companies using OpenStack software. 3rd party applications developed through our API are consequently also easily transferable across many different cloud storage providers. Please see the table for some examples of applications you could use with our Memstore™ solution.


With Memstore™ there is no need to download or install any software in order to access your files. Whilst we encourage the development of 3rd party applications through our API, we also offer a simple FTP/SFTP interface and public container access.

With the FTP/SFTP interface your storage appears on your computer as a remote folder and you can simply drag and drop your files in and out.

The public container access allows you to use our Memstore™ to take the pressure off your website. Store all your videos, images and large files in containers you have chosen to be public and we will deliver your data directly to your visitors' web browsers over http. This will save you valuable storage space and bandwidth on your website.

We also take care of upgrades, disk space and backups for you, taking the hassle out of storage. Our Memstore™ can be accessed from any device with access to the Internet, which means your data is available to you whether you're at your desk or on a train.

Applications Compatible with Memstore™

Application Information
WinSCP SFTP file transfer (Windows)
Microsoft Windows Explorer FTP file browser (Windows)
FileZilla FTP/SFTP file transfer (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Cyberduck Swift file transfer (Windows & Mac)
Nautilus FTP/SFTP file browser (Linux; Gnome & Unity)