SSL Certificates

For your initial purchase we need to know your certificate type, hostname and duration.

Certificate Type

What type of certificate do you need? Standard or Wildcard.


Enter the hostname that you wish to secure.


Now select how long you want the certificate for.

Purchasing for two years will earn you a discount.

Years Cost Discount  
1 $132.00 $0.00
2 $204.00 $60.00

Standard or Wildcard

For a standard certificate the hostname is the domain name that you wish to be accessed securely. An example of a standard SSL certificate is for our website. We have a certificate for the hostname "", and use it with the URL "".

If you want a certificate that will work for any subdomain of your main domain name, then we also offer wildcard certificates. For example, a wildcard certificate on "" would work with "", "", "", """ etc.

About SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is tied to a particular domain name and allows your visitors to verify your site's identity when using HTTPS. SSL certificates are considered mandatory for any e-commerce site, as well as any online activity where encryption and validation is important.

An example of an SSL certificate in action is for our website. If you go to the secure version of the Memset homepage there is no warning, but if you go to the insecure version of the page using a domain without a certificate then a warning will appear.

Our certificates are 256 bit and are trusted by over 99% of current internet users' Web browsers. Our standard and wildcard certificates both carry a $250,000 relying party warranty.