Support Levels

We offer levels of technical support. These relate to the level of technical assistance we can provide with the day-to-day administration of your server.

Support - Experts on hand

Want unlimited support & greater security? Try our Managed Platform package. Our engineers are based in the UK and committed to helping you get the most from your cloud infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure Managed Platform
Included with Cloud VPS & Dedicated Servers -
Can raise a support ticket Included Included
Can raise out of hours emergency ticket Included Included
Basic 24/7 monitoring Included Included
Custom Firewall Included Included
Advanced 24/7 monitoring Self-monitored Memset-monitored
Vulnerability scanning Included Included
- Memset responds to None (self-monitored) Critical alerts
Host-based intrusion detection Not Available Included
- Memset responds to - Level 11 alerts & above
Managed backups [1] Included Included
- $7.50/mo Service charge included Not Available Included
Customer server security patching [2] Not Available Included
Included support time 30 minutes Unlimited
Price /mo FREE $139.00

Chargable Rates [3]

Rates for scheduled work that falls outside current support levels.

Managed Infrastructure Managed Platform
Working hours $119.00 /hour $105.00 /hour
Out-of-hours [4] $229.00 /hour $209.00 /hour


[1] Storage used charged at $0.15/GB in arrears.

[2] Security patching will be carried out as requested by the customer. Memset will not proactively apply security patches without prior notification or customer specific request.

[3] Chargeable time will be rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour.

[4] The minimum charge for out-of-hours emergency support will be 1 hour.

Managed Infrastructure support only covers basic operating system advice relating to your Memset server(s).

Managed Platform support covers everything up to but excluding the application layer on your Memset server(s).