Major Travel

The Issue

Major Travel Plc is a totally independent, family run business which has been providing specialised worldwide travel services since 1974. Major Travel Plc has established relationships with over 50 airlines and other significant travel partners.

Looking for a solution to the ever growing dilemma of having enough resource available during peak search and booking periods, Major Travel contacted Memset in early 2012 to discuss how they could migrate their hosting to a cloud based environment. This would allow them the flexibility to easily add capacity during these peak search and booking periods and accommodate future business growth, while still only having to pay for the resources required during off peak periods.

To facilitate customer bookings, Major Travel’s flight booking engine is fully integrated with its own in house developed back office system, the Travelport-Galileo and Worldspan GDS, as well as XML direct feeds both to and from travel technology partners such as Multicom, Topdog and Traveltek.

The Solution

As you can imagine, Major Travel requires an incredibly fast, yet stable and resilient, network infrastructure to cope with traffic spikes as well as the sheer number of concurrent visitors, hence why a cloud-based solution was an excellent fit. It was this proposition that helped secure the account for Memset.

Perry Panayiotou, Major Travel’s IT Director, said, "We worked with Memset for a while before going ahead, ensuring that they could match the technical requirements to what we actually wanted from the hosting platform. In that regard they were in no rush to ‘close the deal’ until they were happy they could deliver and support the proposed solution."

After extensive discussions, a hybrid solution of dedicated servers was set up for Major Travel, enabling higher disk performance for their databases coupled with three private cloud host servers, allowing virtual servers to be added, upgraded and downgraded depending on customer demand.

The higher security requirements also dictated that all servers sat on their own private VLAN with gigabit connectivity between them internally, which included no public Internet access for any servers that contained customer or pricing information.

The Benefits

Being a 24 hour business, Memset’s hosting solution is the ideal blend of managed facilities and cost. Major Travel Plc still maintains full support and maximum reliability, as well as the guaranteed network uptime that is so essential for credibility within the market.

The Client Says

“Memset is the perfect hosting partner choice for a high traffic website. They offer scalability, full backup and data restoration. For me they are definitely the number one choice and I wholly recommend them as a hosting partner,” concluded Perry Panayiotou, Major Travel’s IT Director.

Last updated 21 March 2013, 17:34 GMT