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Innovative solutions for Patient Care

Cloud computing and infrastructure security are continually evolving to meet the growing requirements of the healthcare sector. From large healthcare authorities through to suppliers and manufacturers, cloud computing offers significant benefits to this sector.

We understand that security and privacy concerns have kept many healthcare authorities from migrating to a cloud computing solution. We work with our client’s diverse business and operational needs to meet and exceed any security requirements. 

Benefits of cloud solutions

Enhanced security

Online medical records storage is the main reason for using cloud computing for most healthcare providers. The G-Cloud accreditation programme helps customers assess potential cloud services suppliers and inspire confidence that they have the necessary security requirements in place to protect patient records and ensure their data is always encrypted and securely backed-up.


Unlike on-site hardware infrastructure, you can easily scale cloud storage to manage ever-growing patient data. You only ever pay for what you use. The volume of patient data can be daunting to store and backup securely on site. Here at Memset, we have sufficient government accredited cloud storage and the security expertise that can handle any medical data requirement you might have.

Mobility / agility

Doctors can quickly and effortlessly pull up medical records from anywhere when the data they need is hosted in a cloud solution.

Cost reduction

By adopting cloud-computing solutions, healthcare organisations avoid paying for on-site hardware infrastructure and maintenance in order to securely store patient medical records. Memset also absorbs the costs of new software and updates to existing software licences.


Cloud computing solutions can contribute to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the National Health Service by enabling doctors to stay connected with patients and their colleagues as well as manage the exchange of patients between health communities. Referrals to specialists happen much more smoothly, ensuring that each person receives the best available treatment no matter where they live.

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