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We’re Helping To Transform 21st Century Healthcare

Cloud computing and infrastructure security are continually evolving to meet the growing requirements of the healthcare sector. From large health care authorities through to suppliers and manufacturers, cloud computing offers significant benefits to the healthcare sector. 

Whilst security and privacy concerns have kept many healthcare authorities from migrating to a cloud computing solution, at Memset we understand this and are working to help our clients respond to diverse business and operational needs.

The cloud does offer major benefits to the healthcare industry including;

Enhanced Security: Online medical records storage is the main reason for using cloud computing for most healthcare providers. The G-Cloud accreditation programme helps customers assess potential cloud services suppliers and provide confidence that they have the necessary security requirements in place to protect patient records and ensure data is encrypted and securely backed-up.

Scalability: Unlike on-site hardware infrastructure, you can easily scale cloud storage to manage ever-growing patient data. Considering the volume of patient data, we can store your medical records in our accredited cloud storage product, Memstore.

Mobility: With cloud computing solutions, doctors are able to quickly and easily pull up medical records remotely.

Cost Reduction: By adopting cloud-computing solutions, healthcare organisations avoid paying for on-site hardware infrastructure and maintenance in order to securely store patient medical records. Memset also absorb the costs of new software and updates to existing software programs.

Sharing: Cloud computing solutions can contribute to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the National Health Service, helping to keep doctors connected with patients and their colleagues and also manage the exchange of patients between health communities. Referrals to specialists happen in a timelier manner, ensuring that each person receives the best available treatment no matter where they live.

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