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Keeping Education Technology Accessible, Affordable and Secure

At Memset we provide the ICT infrastructure to support technology-enabled solutions for the education sector. With the ease of procuring and provisioning cloud services via the G-Cloud framework, Memset together with our approved partners, can help you find the ICT solutions you need to continue to transform the delivery and management your education programmes.

We currently provide high-performance, scalable and secure enterprise-grade IT infrastructure to over 15 universities around the UK. The solutions range from small virtual servers hosting unified communication solutions through to large set-ups underlying the entire IT infrastructure. The University of Westminster currently host their Content Management Systems with Memset.

Cloud Computing In Education

The cloud has become widely adopted within the education sector, and there are many solutions already in place, especially software as a service solutions.  We partner with many SaaS providers to help bring their products to market. However the educational potential of infrastructure and platform as a service is just beginning to be explored.

With cloud computing in education, you get powerful software and massive computing resources where and when you need them.

Here are a few examples of ways we can help:

Remote access: Memset’s education hosting solution can be used to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enabling remote access that is now a vital part of modern education. As the popularity of distance learning grows, a VDI is fast becoming a must-have technology resource, allowing teachers to access lesson plans while working from home, or to give students access to lectures they’ve missed.

Consolidated IT environment: A consolidated hosting environment can serve a wide variety of web applications and other information systems needed by a wide range of organisations, which Memset can provide for the lowest cost possible, while maintaining an acceptable level of performance, reliability, and security.

Maximising student learning time: With extensive experience in the design, delivery and management of complex ICT infrastructures we’ll ensure you maintain connectivity even when an entire class of students is logging on.

Ensuring governance and managing risk: Our infrastructure solutions are both robust and inherently secure, enabling you to comply with regulations for safeguarding sensitive student data and to prevent malicious attacks on your network.

We’ll help you to find solutions that address the pressures you’re under, from providing the ICT infrastructure that supports technology-enabled learning to seizing the opportunities presented by innovative communications tools that make the learning experience more dynamic.


Improving Productivity In The Classroom

Norfolk County Council is leading the way with the successful adoption of cloud services within its classrooms. All staff and pupils in Norfolk’s schools are using cloud services for ’any time, anywhere’ access using Google Apps for Education email and calendars, as well as a rich array of online facilities that let them work in new ways across the county – including a complete online Virtual Learning Environment.

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