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The government is determined to increase its focus on sustainability. G-Cloud suppliers like Memset are in a unique position to help drive the sustainability agenda and ensure that public sector organisations are moving towards energy efficient computing solutions.

We have a history of leading the way in terms of "green hosting", and are continuously innovating in this important area. We also openly share our best practice and collaborate with others through our MD’s involvement with the British Computer Society's Data Centre Specialist Group and Intellect UK's data centre group Our approach to managing our environmental impact is compliant with ISO 14001:2004.

Carbon Neutral® hosting

In August 2006, Memset® became the UK's first Carbon Neutral® Web host. In becoming Carbon Neutral, we worked with The CarbonNeutral® Company to identify our 'carbon footprint', or the approximate volume of CO2 generated by the organisation. It is calculated by assessing energy usage, business travel, and all components of the company's operations that consume power or generate waste and by-products. Memset® uses a very large amount of electricity to power servers, and that formed the vast bulk of our carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency policy

We adhere to the EU Code of Conduct for data centres, which stipulates a comprehensive range of best practices for data centre operators and hosting providers. These measures include power provision, cooling, good use of virtualisation, selection of efficient software, multiple tenders for selection of servers and much, much more.

Lowest Carbon Footprint Computing Platform

We offer one of the lowest carbon footprint computing platforms in the industry, and have recently been able to substantially reduce the average power consumption of our Miniserver VMs at a rate that is faster than even Moore’s Law predicts, from 28W per virtual machine to 4.7W, proving that ICT really can deliver its promises of a greener society without itself becoming a major indirect source of greenhouse emissions.

In short, we are doing great stuff by making  our Miniservers more efficient, and delivering the following benefits:

• Lower prices (passed on to government)

• Environmental responsibility (UK’s first accredited Carbon Neutral ISP and still trail blazing!)

• Better VM performance (by fine-tuning, we’re eliminating bottlenecks)

Energy Efficient Awards

We have received recognition for our commitment to energy efficiency from a number of sources, and in particular our early adoption of virtualisation technologies and our development of Miniserver Virtual Machines has been noted.

  • Business in the Community - The Responsible Business Awards 2013, Santander Responsible Small Business Finalist.
  • Environment and Energy Awards 2013 - Innovative Energy-Efficient Project Award Winner – For reducing the power consumption of our Miniserver VMs.
  • TechWeek Europe, Success Awards 2012 – Finalist for Best Efficient/Green Project – For reducing the power consumption of our Miniserver VMs.
  • Business Commitment to the Environment 2012 (BCE) Environmental Leadership Awards  - Finalist
  • Green Business Awards 2009 - Green Service – Finalist
  • National eWell-Being Awards 2009 - Winner of UK CEED Sustain IT Environmental Innovator award
  • Winner of UK CEED Sustain IT Environmental Innovator award – February 2009
  • Medallist in the British Computer Society Awards 2008 - BP Environment Award - Finalist
  • Winner of PCPro's environmental innovator award for ongoing commitment to environmental innovation - 2008
  • Runner-up in the European Green IT Summit awards in the Market Leadership category, 2008
  • Winner of Guildford Green award for commitment to sustainable business, 2008

Challenges ahead

For the future, our ambition is relentless. Memset’s commitment to the environment is one of our USPs that we have embedded into the fabric of our business. We believe it’s important in order to maintain progress and our position as a market leader of low-carbon hosting services. Energy-efficiency is reported at board level and we are currently pursuing PAS2060 that will commit us to continuous year-on-year improvement.

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