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Regardless of whether you choose public or private cloud, all our systems and procedures adhere to, and exceed, the requirements for our ISO27001 information security certification and all data is kept within UK borders. All members of staff are cleared to BPSS level and are DBS certified, and any members of staff with physical or root-level access to customer servers at in PSN-connected environments are SC cleared. Memset’s core PSN-connected data centre has previously been assessed as suitable for hosting information up to the now-obsolete IL4 standard.

As a company we are very transparent about our customers’ data and where it is at all times. All data is stored within UK borders for data protection purposes for our British customers and if a customer has critical company or personal data we offer private cloud and Virtual Private Data Centre services to achieve additional segregation, security and risk assurance, minimising the likelihood of the data being exploited. Our Penetration, Packet and Perimeter Patrol services provide an integrated suite of products designed to control, assure and monitor the attack surface of the servers and VMs hosted by Memset.

Our IT infrastructure is fully ISO27001 certified and we have gone beyond that to secure CESG Pan Government Accreditation allowing us to provide Official services connected to the PSN Protected network. Memset's G-Cloud services fully comply with the PSNA codes of connection, PSN Service Security Standards (PSSS) and the CESG Cloud Security Principles.

Our IaaS/PaaS services are listed under the G-Cloud framework. We design security into our systems using open source software and an end-to-end architectural view of security and risk. Memset operates independent Compliance and Operational/Cyber Security teams, providing a level of risk and security management representation and segregation of duties that is unheard of for a Cloud SME provider.

We believe that we are the only grass-roots UK Cloud SME to have achieved PGA accreditation to host Official material over the PSN Protected network. Memset are trailblazing for SMEs in this space as they move up the security levels.

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