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Memset is pushing forward its on-demand cloud hosting solutions, making available a whole machine Miniserver VM® on an hourly basis.

whole machine Miniserver VM® is a dedicated server running a single virtual machine which has available to it over 95% of the resources of the dedicated server giving the convenience of a virtual machine with the power of a dedicated server.

As well as offering their Miniserver VM® virtual servers on a monthly basis, Memset also offers them by the hour. This is especially suitable for users who have very variable resource requirements, or if your developer needs to rapidly deploy test systems.

The product is designed for customers wanting the flexibility of the cloud, but with the resources of an entire dedicated server to take advantage of features that are forfeited when moving away from a dedicated environment, such as disk performance, unlimited CPU usage and use of the entire disk.

Currently, cloud computing enables users to create multiple "virtual machines" that operate independently, but they are all operating on one large computing platform. By having an entire virtualised dedicated server to yourself you can make cloned copies, make it easier to back up, shrink and expand based on demand, giving all the flexibility of a cloud based server, as well as the ability to provision and de-provision an entire virtualised machine.

Having access to a whole machine by the hour gives developers full control over the application environment and allows easy migration of existing applications to the cloud.

"Virtualisation offers incredible flexibility, however the dynamic nature of it creates a significant challenge for administrators," says Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset. "We believe there is a growing need for a solution that provides good disk performance, especially for large database driven websites or applications."

Currently available is Memset’s VM64000 virtual machine powered by 4 x 3.07GHz Xeon CPU and 31 GBytes of memory.