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Private Cloud

Perfect for government departments looking for complete control over the specification and configuration of their cloud, Memset’s private cloud solutions dedicates some or the entire infrastructure to your department or project, providing enhanced security and a private cloud environment where multiple virtual instances can be deployed from your own dedicated pool of resources.

Our private cloud solution offers you all the benefits of the cloud but dedicated to you.

For public sector customers who would like to take advantage of all the benefits of our standard Miniserver VM® cloud compute or Memstore™ cloud storage platforms, but on their own dedicated server infrastructure so their data is not colocated on the same hardware as other users, we provide the Memset®-managed private cloud service. This is identical to our public cloud services, except on non-shared host servers.

One of the major advantages of a private cloud is that you have complete control over the hardware and can find a suitable solution based on your budget as costs are fixed. Some projects also stipulate that hardware is to be unshared and our Miniserver private cloud still offers you all the on demand features and elasticity of a public cloud with the comfort of your own estate. You simply pay £200 per month as an infrastructure cost then procure our configurable Miniserver and these are automatically deployed on your private hardware. 

High Security

For customers who require additional security in the form of full network segregation, we offer a high-security version of our Memset®-managed private cloud. It differs in that the network infrastructure (switches, cabling and pair of failover router-firewalls) is also dedicated solely to that customer.

We can put fully dedicated servers as well as virtual machines behind the dedicated router-firewalls, with complete segregation from our core network on a physically dedicated LAN.

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