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PAYG Cloud

As part of our product offering in the CloudStore, we’ve made our Miniservers available on an hourly basis and also equipped them with SSD disks, enabling public sector customers to entirely cluster their database on a virtual machine, both front and back-ends, enhancing performance, resilience and speed for disk read and write.

Introducing machines by the hour, essentially utility based transacting “pay for what you use” supports the G-Cloud’s vision for transparent, granular pricing driving significant cost reductions across the board. 

Memset’s hourly Miniserver VMs are designed to provide large scale, flexible computing capacity faster and cheaper than using physical servers. And because we offer the same, transparent pricing to our public sector customers, with no additional mark-up customers are able to quickly and easily configure and launch multiple VMs in minutes via the Memset control panel as opposed to the time it would have previously taken to purchase and configure physical servers.

Customers only pay for the capacities they actually use, related to the actual usage time. This is similar to the web services of market leaders abroad but with the difference being that the data is stored in the UK.

Memset Miniserver VMs by-the-hour also offers the following benefits;


With no up-front costs or capital expenditure, your organisation can reduce overheads by only paying for what you use, with no minimum spend! Additionally, because public sector organisations will not be tied into a lengthy contract, this marks a significant change from how the government used to procure ICT, being tied into long and costly contracts that were difficult to exit from.

Reduced Procurement Time

Deployments can take hours rather than months. For example, an immediate short-term requirement for an IT solution arose in the Staffordshire Council’s social services area. Initially, the Council looked at using in-house resource to host the application within their existing infrastructure, however they realised they could buy the solution through the G-Cloud’s CloudStore, and it would be immediately available and they’d only have to pay for actual usage, with no minimum fees or long-term commitments.


Securing CESG Pan Government IL2 accreditation for our Miniservers by the hour service will give you confidence that we have been assessed and approved to operate to a required level and that systems are in place to keep your data safe.

Energy Efficiency

A key environmental benefit of our Miniservers by the hour service, is that they enable public sector organisations to only use what they need, allowing for servers to be turned off in the evenings and at weekends, substantially reducing carbon that was inevitable when previously using monthly machines.

Avoiding Vendor Lock-In

Additionally, as our entire Infrastructure-As-A-Service platform is built on open source software, public sector data can be moved quickly and easily across many different cloud providers if required, helping to alleviate vendor lock-in.

When Should You Use Memset's Cloud By The Hour Service

These services are especially well suited to applications that need to be set up quickly, require a high degree of scalability or simply need a highly customised configuration. Memset’s Miniserver VMs by the hour are also ideal for IT applications with capacity peaks or that are used for a limited timeframe.

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