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Cloud Storage

Our high security, high performance and low cost Memstore Cloud Storage offering, supplied by an SME specialising in the delivery of mature and high-security utility Cloud computing resources are unique in the market. 

Memstore can be provisioned into a Private Cloud or Virtual Private Data Centre solution as a dedicated infrastructure for an additional charge should the customer’s segregation and assurance levels require it.

Memset is ISO27001 & PGA accredited to host Official Services over the Internet and PSN Encrypted and is serviced by reliable, highly resilient UK data centre infrastructure and a BPSS and SC cleared UK-only 24x7x365 Operations and Support team.  Our award-winning open source based cloud infrastructure is backed with 24/7/365 support and industry-leading SLAs & 99.95% uptime guarantee.

The open source (OpenStack Swift) eventually consistent distributed filesystem technology used to manage the storage, security and resiliency of uploaded customer data provides highly assured separation between customers.  CHECK ITHC testing has helped us to achieve ISO27001 and PGA accreditation for the services.  The flexibility and extreme scalability of Memstore ensures you only pay for the resources you use which benefits both the environment and your budget.

Memstore can interconnect with our Public Cloud and Dedicated Servers, as well as Virtual Private Data Centre, tiered cutting-edge Network Security Appliances and Versatile Storage Array to provide low-cost, high performance CDN-enabled storage of large media files and VM snapshots.


Product Features

  • Unlimited storage with industry-leading low prices enabled by our transparent, efficient business model and use of open source technology
  • Fully scalable and flexible to scale up or down on demand, ideal for backs and large volume data storage
  • Automatic replication of data ensures resiliency and 99.999999% object durability
  • 24x7x365 hardware & availability monitoring included and a 99.95% uptime guarantee with multi-homed network
  • Create storage tokens, manage user groups and permissions
  • Compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, applications, browsers
  • Highly assured - CESG reviewed to host OFFICIAL information over the Internet, PGA accredited for Official over PSN Encrypted, managed by a mature UKAS accredited ISO 27001 information security management system.
  • Green: Memset provides one of the lowest carbon footprint computing platforms
  • All solutions hosted from enterprise-grade N+1 UK data centres with industry-leading SLAs
  • Services supported by UK BPSS/SC cleared 24x7x365 Operations teams only
  • Guaranteed minimum 20Mbps for data transfer, burstable to 100Mbps
  • Access via control panel, FTP or secure and encrypted SFTP interface



  • Simple - With Memstore™ there is no need to download or install any software in order to access your files. Whilst we encourage the development of 3rd party applications through our API, we also offer a simple FTP/SFTP/SCP interface and public container access allowing you to simply drag and drop files. The public container access allows you to use our Memstore™ to take the pressure off your website. Store all your videos, images and large files in containers you have chosen to be public and we will deliver your data directly to your visitors' web browsers over http. This will save you valuable storage space and bandwidth on your website.


  • Cheap - As we have based our Memstore™ on open source software there are absolutely no license fees to pay. On top of this you only pay for the storage space you actually use and the data you actually transfer so there is no need to continually pay for extra storage and transfer if you will only need it a few times a year.


  • Secure – Memstore is accredited to CESG OFFICIAL level. With security in mind we have developed the system so you can assign different permission levels to various individuals in the organisations as access to files in Memstore™ is based on a token system which verifies authorisation and access level.


  • Reliable - Whilst we are confident about the quality and reliability of our hardware, it is a fact of life that hard disks sometimes fail. We have built triple redundancy into our Memstore™ system so there are always three replicas of your data. In the unlikely event of a disk failure the system will automatically fill in the gaps from the other disks. As there will be no disturbance to either your data or your access you will never even know this has happened.
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