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As a leading technology provider, Memset has invested significantly in our own scalable cloud offering to enable public service organisations to align with the government’s Digital by Default service standard and Cloud First policy.

G-Cloud is starting to change the way the public sector buys commodity IT services, and as an approved SME supplier, Memset’s cloud services are secure, sustainable and compliant and designed to address the barriers to public sector cloud adoption whilst promoting agility and value pricing that challenges the incumbents.

Our private cloud solutions help to overcome some of the obstacles for widespread uptake of cloud computing and our public Cloud IaaS is not only cheaper but demonstrably better on a range of metrics for public sector organisations.

Memset's cloud solutions can be deployed through primarily five different models as shown below; public cloud, private cloud, virtual & dedicated servers, our cloud storage solution, Memstore and PSN hosting solutions.

Public Cloud

With a 'public cloud first' mandate in place, Memset's scalable, public cloud computing solutions can help government agencies improve efficiency, increase security, and reduce costs.

Government agencies need easy, quick and secure methods to share, synchronise and send confidential information within and across agency boundaries. 

Private Cloud

Memset's infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering allows government agencies to achieve cloud computing objectives securely and without the hassle of traditional IT sourcing.

Dedicated Servers

Memset's dedicated servers and clusters are designed to make it easy for government to establish a dedicated network.

Virtual Servers

Memset MiniServer VMs are pre-configured, ready-to-use virtual machines suitable to the needs of open government projects. 

PAYG Cloud

Pay for what you use only when you need it! Memset supports the G-Cloud’s vision for transparent, granular pricing driving significant cost reductions across the board.

Self Managed

Our easy-to-use control panel equips our public sector customers with the ability to self-manage their infrastructure.

PSN Hosting

Our PSN Protected-connected cloud hosting solutions are the highest Official-classified pan-government WAN for all your data security needs.

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