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Today Memset® are announcing their new cloud storage solution, Memstore™. The Internet-based storage solution easily scales up and down to any size and is designed to be accessible to any business user, regardless of technical expertise, who are looking for a flexible, scalable and safe way to store their data in the cloud on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Memstore™, which uses open source software (OSS) OpenStack combined with Memset®’s award-winning in-house systems, has been built with a number additional security and ease-of-use features, making Memstore™ more feature-rich and accessible than most other providers. Features including:

  • On-disk encryption
  • Secure by default (https)
  • SFTP & FTP interface (in addition to industry-standard API)
  • Integrated content delivery network
  • Can serve any public container over HTTP using own domain name
  • Easy to use control panel for management and light file transfer

"Cloud is clearly becoming the way intelligent businesses buy their infrastructure, but many are put off by having to interface with complex APIs. We are offering the best of both worlds; easy-to-use Web interfaces and protocols as well industry-standard cloud APIs, at industrial scale and commodity pricing.”, said Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset.

Users only pay for what they use, whether that be 1GByte or 1000TBytes, and there are zero license fees or hidden costs. Memstore™ uses a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet. Further, thanks to high-levels of replication and redundancy within the system and Memset's ISO27001 certified security procedures, customers can be assured that their data is safe.

“Memstore offers 99.999999% or 'eight 9s' object durability over a given year, with a minimum of three copies of all data. This puts Memstore between Amazon S3*'s standard tier, with eleven '9s', and their reduced redundancy tier with four '9s'. The price will also be between those tiers, lower than S3's standard one. Once our two new data centres come online, bringing our total to four UK locations, we will provide even higher resilience, matching or exceeding S3.", continued Craig-Wood.

"We are providing our standard 99.995% availability guarantee with Memstore. Additionally, we are exclusively a UK company so British users have no issue with data protection or the Patriot act.”

By using OSS OpenStack combined with Memset®'s expertise in getting the best from commodity hardware, the service is also one of the cheapest available while still maintaining enterprise levels of availability, security and redundancy.

Memstore™ can be purchased as a fixed package, £4.95/month for 50GB which will likely appeal to SOHO or SME users, or on a usual cloud pay- as-you-use basis for £0.07p/GByte/month or less.

For business users that need to comply with data retention regulations or strict data security policies, Memstore offers a private cloud infrastructure at no additional incremental cost.

For more information on Memstore, please see:

* "Amazon" and "Amazon S3" are trade marks of Amazon Web Services LLC.