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Guildford, Surrey – 18 September 2012 - Award-winning British Cloud provider, Memset®, is ready for the post-IPv4 address world.  Memset’s routers, web servers and applications servers have been upgraded to support end to end IPv6 connectivity. With all new full servers and Miniservers supporting IPv6.

Last week RIPE announced that the IPv4 address pool for Europe has now been exhausted, which means that service providers won't be able to get any more IPv4 addresses when they run out.  Internet growth has meant that the 4.3 billion available IPv4 internet addresses – a requirement for anyone using any means like computers or mobile phones to connect to the Internet – has run out and been superseded by a new address system, called IPv6.

IPv6 allows for an almost limitless (340 trillion, trillion, trillion) supply of addresses, and many major Internet services including Microsoft, Google and Facebook already support it.

Nick Craig-Wood, technical director at Memset said: “Users and applications of the Internet are rapidly growing, and IPv6 will enable Memset and our industry to continue to drive innovation. Keeping our websites and their infrastructure up to date is vital in today’s work environment and to ensure the future growth of the Internet and Memset is proud to play such a pivotal role.”