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Cloud hosting provider, Memset have today revealed they hope to move along enterprise adoption of and migration to cloud with a new partnership with SEM Solutions.

SEM Solutions, a company that has eight years experience in migration, is working with Memset to help their customers assess their ability and preparedness for migrating applications to the cloud.

A recent Cloud Survey report published by consultancy KPMG International, revealed that a third of the 650 respondents said that the costs of moving to the cloud were higher than expected, mainly because they belatedly discovered that it involved more changes in their existing business and IT architectures than they'd originally recognised.

SEM Solutions, MD Simon Mohr said: “This report highlights the need to work closely with a migration partner to identify whether upgrades to your current system need to be undertaken prior to migration, minimizing costs and migration times well in advance.”

“In many ways cloud hosting is living up to expectations and can bring both agility and cost savings. I see the Cloud as the coming together of the internet and enterprise – over time it will more than prove its worth. Cloud hosting offers huge and open-ended possibilities, especially for new systems or infrastructure. We’re seeing ever more complex Cloud and hybrid hosting environments being built and conceived. Careful planning is often needed and expectations need to be managed, especially when migrating legacy systems and data rather than starting new projects on the Cloud. Migrating to a new IT infrastructure that is untested can indeed be challenging and this is where unexpected costs can arise along with time delays which can be very frustrating for all involved. Companies often don’t have these skills in-house so working with an experienced migration partner is often essential,” continued Mohr.

Memset have worked with SEM Solutions for the past couple of years and they have successfully migrated a number of Memset’s clients, including;, Oxford Hardware and Conservatory Blinds Ltd.

Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset said: “The corporate data centre is undergoing a major transformation, and it isn't just the server platform: the entire infrastructure from top to bottom is seeing major changes as applications migrate to private and public clouds, networks get faster, and virtualization becomes the norm.  Our expertise continues to firmly reside in the infrastructure, whilst SEM Solutions focus on application migration.”