Cloud Computing Services, including Cloud Storage, Secure Private Cloud and Managed Cloud solutions

Memset are an award-winning Cloud Computing provider, offering a range of Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products, ideal for users with variable requirements for their compute or storage needs. Cloud Computing often works out much cheaper than traditional insourced hosting, thanks to our investment in massive automation, scale and huge buying power. We are currently Britain's lowest cost IaaS provider.

Cloud computing is powered by Memset servers such as these

Miniserver VM® Compute

We have been providing virtual dedicated servers to UK businesses since 2002, and continue to lead our competition with our Miniserver VM® virtualisation technology. Unlike many others, though, we give you dedicated resources, which means enhanced performance and security. We typically put roughly 15 virtual machines on each physical host server.

Using this same technology, we also make Miniserver VM® virtual machines available by the hour as our public compute cloud. Unlike other providers, however, we allow you to cluster those VMs with normal dedicated servers, giving you the best of managed hosting and cloud.

Memstore™ Cloud Storage

Simple, cheap, secure and reliable, Memstore™ gives you all the power of a cloud storage solution, including unlimited scalability and an API if you wish, but with lots of user-friendly features for less technical users.

With Memstore™ you can access your files with a normal FTP client as well as our API, giving you greater flexibility. Ideal for business and home users alike. It also comes with a built-in content delivery network, allowing you to serve static content at high speed to anywhere in the world.

Secure Private Cloud

If your security requirements are such that you cannot rely on virtualisation as a segregation layer, then our private cloud solutions are for you. We will dedicated entire host servers, or even the network as well, to the client orgnisation, but still charge our normal incremental price for compute and storage.

We do make a small, additional, fixed charge for the dedicated hardware used with this approach, since it results in a less efficient overall mode of operation.

Managed Cloud

If you have an application or service that you want to host using cloud technology - so that you only pay for what you use - but lack the technical know-how in house to manage a cloud infrastructure then this option is for you.

We will take care of the infrastructure, scaling it as needed to meet your application's demands, and charge you only for the resources necessary to keep response times optimal.