Vulnerability Management Powered by F-Secure Radar

Vulnerability Management – Powered by F-Secure Radar is based on Europe’s leading vulnerability scanning, assessment and management technology. It automatically assesses the attack surface of your Memset-hosted solution for the latest missing patches, zero-days and security vulnerabilities.

F-Secure Radar is a vulnerability management system built by Europe’s leading security research and product organisation. Memset has integrated Radar into our hosting environment, providing customers with an automated, cost-effective and high-performance vulnerability management solution.

F-Secure allows you to identify and manage both internal and external threats, all while reducing the time window in which a new vulnerability or misconfiguration can be found. It gives you visibility into shadow IT - to map your full attack surface and respond to critical vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats.

Our self-hosted Radar scanners will analyse the configuration of your servers for security vulnerabilities based on signatures for all known vulnerabilities, including those produced by F-Secure’s own in-house security research organisation, F-Secure Labs. As a SaaS platform, vulnerability data will be stored by F-Secure in their Finnish data centres.

Protect your solution not only from common misconfiguration and missing patches, but from new zero-day vulnerabilities discovered by some of the best security researchers in the world.

For customers with Memset-managed Radar services, Memset will advise on or, where possible, fix, issues identified as 'Critical' according to current CVSSv3 scores.

Radar Vulnerability Management

  • Comprehensive visibility
    Effective security mapping through precise discovery and mapping of all assets, systems, and applications on the network and beyond
  • Streamlined productivity and security management
    No more inefficiency and missed security risks. Quickly address problems across multiple domains including automated provisioning from the Memset control panel, vulnerability monitoring and automated scheduled scans
  • Reporting on risk
    Produce reports with credible information about your organisation's security posture over time. Show and justify how IT security enables business continuity
  • Reduced costs
    Vulnerability management is an opportunity to significantly lower the cost of security. It's less costly to deal with security before serious problems arise than it is to deal with it during a crisis or incident recovery. Additionally, leveraging Radar's cloud resources allows organisations to lower their expenses

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